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The Corporations Amendment (Sons of Gwalia) Bill 2010 (the Bill) amends the rights of persons bringing claims for damages in relation to shareholdings under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act). The London and West Australian Exploration Company acquired the Sons of Gwalia property on 17 November 1897, and Bewick Moreing & Co launched Sons of Gwalia, Limited on the London Stock Exchange in January 1898. 2.1 In August 2004 Mr Margaretic purchased 20,000 fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of gold mining company, Sons Of Gwalia Ltd (SAG). 1898 Bewick, Moreing & Co. floats mine on Stock … Background In August 2004, Mr Margaretic purchased shares to the value of $20,000 in Sons of Gwalia Ltd (Company). Since its discovery in 1896, Gwalia has produced more than 5.5 million ounces — worth about $10 billion at today's gold price — to make it one of the richest gold mines in Australia's history. installing new haulage machinery. The Company went into voluntary administration 11 days later. The Deep Veins of the Sons of Gwalia Litigation ... On 18 August 2004 Luka Margaretic bought 20,000 shares in Sons of Gwalia (SoG), a gold mining company based in Western Australia, on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). In 1963, 1200 miners left for work in Kalgoorlie and left behind as ghost town that has been preserved. Some six days after this registration, and 11 days after purchase, administrators were appointed to the company pursuant to s436A of the Corporations Act 2001.2 By that time, the shares were worthless. I picked up SGW as it had strong support around 2.37-2.38, and higher volumn. 1897 Sons of Gwalia lease sold to GW Hall GW Hall, working for the London and Western Australia Company, purchases Sons of Gwalia lease for £5,000 ($10,000). Luka Margaretic, an investor, bought shares in the gold miner Sons of Gwalia in August 2004, just 11 days before administrators were appointed to the company. Outline. It is being labeled as an $800 million collapse, but the betting is that the company’s liabilities will top $1 billion when the debt on its balance sheet … Sons of Gwalia Decision - Misled Shareholders as Potential Creditors by Nicholas Dunstone, Henry Davis York Released February 2007 . Gwalia is a former gold-mining town located 233 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie and 828 kilometres east of Perth in Western Australia's Great Victoria Desert. The RSI is divergine. Off on another adventure, this time to Gwalia ghost town in the Northern Goldfields Western Australia. 1898 Bewick, Moreing & Co. floats mine on Stock Exchange On the advice of American mining engineer Herbert Hoover, the mine is acquired by London-based Bewick, Moreing & Co. Sons of Gwalia The Sons of Gwalia debate has been raging ever since the High Court confirmed in 2007 that shareholders who were misled by the company could seek to … installing new haulage machinery. Gwalia ghost town. The entire capital investment recouped in the first month of mining. September 13, 2004 – Last week Sons of Gwalia, one of Australia’s largest gold mining companies, declared bankruptcy. The company was meant to release a restructuring plan today. Parliament has since amended the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) by the passage of the Corporations (Sons of Gwalia) Act 2010. RESOURCE Capital Fund has beaten off a rival bid from Bracewell & Guiliani to buy Sons of Gwalia's advanced minerals division for $205 million. The gold was discovered in 1896 and produced till it closed in 1963. 2.2 Eleven days after the share purchase the company went into voluntary administration. The purchase took place on the market conducted by the ASX. Today, Gwalia is essentially a ghost town, having been largely deserted since the main source of employment, the Sons of Gwalia gold mine, closed in 1963. bought Sons of Gwalia for £5,000 ($10,000). Sons of Gwalia shareholder, Mr Luke Margaretic argued that the company had failed to notify the Australian Securities Exchange of its inability to meet its gold delivery contracts, and that it could not continue as a going concern, thereby breaching its continuous disclosure obligations by not disclosing price-sensitive market information. In Sons of Gwalia v Margaretic the High Court overturned the convention that shareholders rank behind creditors in an insolvency. Registry. Company profile page for Gwalia Consolidated including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information BACKGROUND Priority Regime under the Corporations Act The SOG appeal was primarily concerned with sections 553(1) and s 563A of the Corporations Act. Although the Sons of Gwalia was one of the most profitable mines in Australia at the time, producing over 2.644 million ounces (75 million grams) of gold (worth roughly £2 billion in today’s prices), by the late 1950s the tides of change had turned against the town. I hold SGW since 16/6/04 at 2.39 and added it friday at 2.35. Stock analysis for RTG Mining Inc (6RM:Stuttgart) including stock price, stock chart, company news, key statistics, fundamentals and company profile. The Sons of Gwalia case received much publicity. This is your chance to step back in time in Australian history. After two years of redevelopment, the first gold pour from the current operations occurred in October 2008 and a year later, the first 100,000 ounce milestone was reached. A brief summary of the essential issues follows. shares, Sons of Gwalia was in breach of its obligations under s674 of the Act, which required it to disclose information to the market that a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the price or value of its securities (commensurate with the obligation to do so under ASX Listing Rule 3.1). prices for gold in 1980 saw a resurgence of interest in gold mining in the Leonora area (including the re-assessments of gold in the old Harbour Lights mine, the re-opening of the Sons of Gwalia mine and re-development of the Tower Hill mine). Part of the beautiful Shire of Leonora, approximately 240km north of Kalgoorlie. Mr Margaretic purchased 20,000 shares in the company on the secondary market at a price of A$26,000, only to find a few days later the company had gone into voluntary administration. In practical terms, shareholders’ damages claims in relation to the purchase price of their shares may now rank equally with the claims of ordinary creditors. and at various locations previously owned by the Sons of Gwalia Ltd Gold Division; and • An increase in the share price from 4.8 cents on 30 June 2004 to 10.5 cents on 30 June 2005. SONS OF GWALIA LTD V MARGARETIC ... induced into purchasing shares in a company shortly prior to its insolvency by misrepresentations and inadequate market disclosure were able to lodge claims as creditors in the company’s voluntary administration. On the night of 27 December 1963, it all came to an abrupt end when a serious accident caused the mine to shut down. "Assuming this is correct, then Sons of Gwalia has every incentive to increase production and keep the spot price down," it said. The Gwalia mine is the cornerstone of Leonora operations with 2.1 million ounces of gold in reserves at a grade of 6.4 grams per tonne. Gwalia is a former gold-mining town located 233 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie and 828 kilometres east of Perth in Western Australia's Great Victoria Desert.Today, Gwalia is essentially a ghost town, having been largely deserted since the main source of employment, the Sons of Gwalia gold mine, closed in 1963. Sons of Gwalia Ltd was a publicly listed gold mining company in Western Australia. On 18 August 2004, Margaretic purchased 20,000 shares in Sons of Gwalia.

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