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Project Charter: The strategic view of the project. Set the Vision, Goals, and Objectives. Team Progress Report: Where you have a project with multiple teams working, the Team Leaders will need to inform the Project Manager of progress on their current work assignments. If you need them then include them on the product diagrams but also your applications for the licenses because they’re products too. Quality Plan: The level of quality to be achieved, and how you will achieve it. With your goals and objectives, try and answer these two high-level questions: Requirements Completeness Evaluation Checklist Creativity The ability to see things differently and approach things uniquely. Correct dependencies: Be sure to check every activity dependency to be confident that it’s accurate and also that it’s in line with the dependencies you identified on your Work Flow Diagram. Compliance: You have to run the project whether there are benefits or not. This simple project management checklist template arrives pre-populated with one hundred queries for the various duties essential. A project checklist, as its name implies, is a checklist template which aims to help in the accomplishment of a specific project. Stakeholder Plan: If you have a significant amount of Stakeholder management to do, how you will do it. Here, a project scope checklist is available in a free download to assist the entry-level project manager with developing initial scope requirements. To be a successful project manager you need to have a comprehensive understanding of what is required in the five basic phases of project management. Business Case (document) ☐ Business Context ☐ Project Overview ☐ Project Alternatives ☐ Target Business Outcomes Formulating a business case and proposing your project to senior management for buy-in can be tricky. Resource release: Finalise the release of project staff back to their home departments, or perhaps on to new projects. This will be maintained throughout. You add more detail at each point when you have established that the project is worth progressing. Instantly Download Project Management Checklist Template, Sample & Example in Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple Pages Format. Installation: Where you have an external product, such as a Pink Widget bought from a supplier, check if you need an ‘Installed Pink Widget’ product which may be something that your project will create. When included in project planning and throughout the project, change management makes it … 1. And don’t forget supplier staff and support staff when preparing the invitation list. . For example, the 15 Steps to Good Research by the Georgetown University Library. Managing a project isn’t only about tasks and resources, budget and deadlines, it’s an experience you can constantly learn from. Benefits: Okay, the most common justification first. The number of the workforce that the project needs in certain time periods. Orders: These are important where you have external products coming in from outside the project, many will need an ‘order’ product; they won’t arrive by magic. Stage Completion Report: Produced at the end of each stage, this report is used by the Project Manager to inform the Project Steering Group of how the stage went. Available in A4 & US Letter Sizes. Check back through your Project Log to make sure that you pick up everything relevant. Quickly Customize. Each project phase is defined on a separate excel tab for a better view. Handover documentation: If there should be formal handover documentation (such as legal documents), check that it’s been completed and is properly stored. Project deliverables list can be heavily different from project to project, but there are project deliverables in project management that are common for almost any kind of a project. Were there any problems that will affect future stages? Project Management Plan (PMP): The tactical view of how you’ll manage the project. Acceptance criteria: Check to ensure that the project acceptance criteria (set down in the Charter) have been met. Project Issue (or Project Memo): A communication from anyone in the project to the Project Manager, but you may choose to use them for written communications between the Project Manager and the Steering Group too. The project audit checklist helps on completing various projects on time, on a minimal budget, and as per the requirements of the user. Here’s a project management checklist to help you get organised and make sure that you don’t miss anything. The aim of your business case is to gain organizational support and funding approval for an initiative by providing all necessary rationale for informed decision making. Don’t overlook them; they’ll need time and resource to produce. The … As you check your products, think about these areas. Cookies help us deliver our services. Logic: Check the flow of products on your Work Flow Diagram. What is Organizational Change Management. Download Project checklist template and checklist sample. In reality, even if the deliverables are small, you still need to estimate how long each task will take, identify the resources required, and assign activities to team members. Example of Project Management Checklist Template. Completeness: Have you copied every product onto the activity plan as a heading? It’s important that you mark the achievement by thanking the staff for their work and celebrating the success. Overlaps: Make sure that you haven’t missed any overlaps where a second activity can be started before the first is completely finished. The Idea: A one page overview of the basics of the idea for the project. One of the basics of project management is setting goals and objectives for your project. Project Completion Checklist. The construction project management checklist. The PMBOK® now makes it clear that while change management is an important part of a project management plan, a change log is a project document and should not be included in a formal project plan. Inspections and approvals: This includes such requirements as building inspections and electrical safety certification. MBO or balanced scorecard). Even the stages and elements that require to ensure the success of a project. Three major planning documents exist, but the second one — the Project Management Plan — contains quite a few other plans. Find the Best Project Management Template for Projects of All Sizes. Communications Plan: What information will be needed and how it will be communicated. Risk Plan: How you will control risk on the project, including reporting procedures. Whether you’re starting a project from the beginning, or you’re taking over one that’s already been started, you’ll need to check that everything you need is in place. Work Package: A work assignment given to a Team Leader by a Project Manager. Easily Editable & Printable. Communications: Internal project communications don’t need to be put on the plan, but there may be other important communications products that do, such as briefings for business staff, a website and publicity materials. Cost code: Arrange for the project cost code to be closed, unless it is to be kept open for any modification to products after project closure. The documents are designed to provide practical support for anyone assigned to do the actual "project work". This project deliverables checklist is designed to give an overview of the main project deliverables examples of Initiation and Planning phases. This project management process checklist details the five phases of a project, and details the actions and responsibilities you must fulfill to ensure your project is successful. This checklist forms the basis for putting together an activity network for your project management. That's easier to say than do. Can the other project live with a pause while it waits for the product to be ready, or will you need to adjust your project to create the product earlier? An example of this is that previously a change log may have been mistakenly grouped into a project management plan. This is his fourth For Dummies book. Nick Graham founded the consultancy and training company, Inspirandum Ltd and is a member of the Association for Project Management and of the Institute of Directors. Hopefully that will be all of them, but see the tip below if not. In some cases a change is so complex that no one person has a true end-to-end view of it. Agile can help you and your organization deliver technology products that meet your customer's true needs, increase transparency among project constituents, and build trust between your IT staff and the users they serve. Crashable activities: Identify which activities could be crashed if you come under time pressure. Assess the plans: Think back and assess whether the plans worked, or whether they were too detailed or not detailed enough to exercise effective project control. Lags: Check for lags where a second activity can’t start immediately after a first one is complete. The Outline Charter sets down the scope and an overview Business Case and is developed using project expertise, not just business expertise. Training: A lot of project planners forget user training. While you should have been learning throughout the project, now is a great time to look back without the pressure and distractions that might have dulled your focus.Gather the core team to invite feedback about what worked, and what didn’t. This checklist is to help you think through what you’ll need, and perhaps what you won’t need. Make sure that you have contingency to protect the Critical Path, or the Critical Chain if you are using that technique. It outlines the scope, goals, budget, timeline , and deliverables of a project, and it’s essential for keeping a project on track. You may as well increase your own with ease. Holidays: Check that all of the scheduled activity is on working days and avoids public holidays. The following secondary objectives (goals) are how organizations deliver change. Project planning checklist is relevant to the whole project management planning phase and assures your all work by validating through checkboxes rather than just to a certain document to ignore. If the managers in overall charge of the project and its preparation, the Project Steering Group (PSG), accepts the Outline, it’s time to start the project itself, and that begins with the Planning Stage. This shows what will be bought and when, including lead times. Project Management Checklists For Dummies Cheat Sheet, How to Start Your Project Stakeholder Register, Enterprise Agility in 3 Not-So-Easy Steps. The primary objective of organizational change management is to execute an effective strategy. Physical resource release: Arrange the return of equipment and the release of accommodation, such as team rooms and perhaps even whole sites. Agile project management has largely replaced older "waterfall" approaches for managing technology projects, and for good reason. That might be compliance with legal requirements or something like a head office instruction that ‘All regional offices will run a project . Encourage honesty. Have a look at this list to check your project out. This report may be given as a presentation at the Stage Gate. Contingency: Have you got sufficient time contingency in the plan, and is it visible? Covers key project phases - Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Close. A project management plan is a formal document that defines how a project is going to be carried out. A supplier won’t deliver goods to the front desk one second after you have emailed an order. Project Completion Report: Produced by the Project Manager at the end of the project, it reports how the whole project went. required for completing the task. By using our services, you agree to, Copyright 2002-2020 Simplicable. You’ll have an idea, do a little research to see how it would be completed, then pitch it to the relevant powers for examination and approval.This stage will change a lot depending on the idea which is being developed. The project management checklist below covers the most common project management tasks. Inter-project dependencies (inbound): Note any inter-project dependencies on your product plans. It sets down what work is to be done and how. If you are using a computer tool, it should have warned you of any problem, but even so make sure that any national holidays are correctly shown in the project calendar. Staff capacity: Check that the work scheduled for project staff is in line with their capacity. Although your project isn’t responsible for creating that item, you may need an activity to check it or install it. So, what was the final time and cost? Usually project initiation checklist may contain: project goals details, project scope, project organization, business case, constraints, stakeholder’s details, risks that associated with project details, controls measure and control process, reporting frameworks, and summary of entire project. Enabling: The project itself won’t deliver benefits, but it will put something in place that will allow other projects or operations to deliver benefits. Lead times on supply: Make sure that you have sufficient lead times on things like supply. During the Delivery Stages, the Closure Stage, and the evaluation of the project, you’ll need some further documents. Quality: Ensure that you’ve included the necessary quality activities, such as testing each individual product, and then project-wide quality activity such as quality audits. The purpose of this collection of project management templates, project management checklists and tips is to plan, implement and manage projects professionally – which of course includes also ITIL implementation projects.. Tasks should be added and subtracted to match the complexity of your project and your project management methodology. A project team will work through one or more Work Packages in a Delivery Stage. The starting date of the project. Infrastructure projects often fall into this category, such as a project to install a new computer network. Use the product names as headings, and then under each one list the activities you’ll need to build that product. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Replacing worn out equipment or redecorating the HQ building are often just ‘maintenance’ projects. Check that you have included relevant products such as training materials, room bookings and staff attendance schedules. Using the project management checklist would be useful as it would act as a tool to question the various parameters and factors in a structured manner. The most important project management checklists — the real top-line items — fall under three main headings: Kick Off, Project Planning, and Project Control. N/A should be used when the question is not applicable. For example: • Project Team Management (Human Resources) • Scope • Schedule (Timeframe & Milestones) • Budget • Quality • Risk • Communications • ... Project Management Plan Checklist Once you have established the amount of time needed for each task, you can work out the effort required for each deliverable, and a delivery date. Good product plans lead to complete activity plans, realistic resource plans, and more accurate costings; all of these are really helpful for project control. 5. The responsible person who will carry out the task. You as the sponsor must document the business case after satisfactory analysis h The product-led approach to planning, set out in this checklist, is hugely powerful as well as being very logical. Project Completion Report: Prepare the Project Completion Report together with a business presentation, if this is required by the Project Steering Group (PSG). Procurement Plan: If your project will involve a significant amount of procurement. Maintenance: The project just has to be done, even though there is not any benefit in the normal sense of the word and it’s not mandatory (where it’s needed for legal compliance). Inter-project dependencies: These occur where you can’t start to build a product in your project until you have received something from someone else’s project, such as a copy of a design specification. If someone is only available to your project for ten per cent of their time, make sure that their activity reflects that with a one-day job taking ten elapsed days. You’ll need some or all of the following: Project Plan: With the product, activity, and resource plans and also the budget. Except for the external products, make sure that you have at least one activity listed for each product to cover the work required to build it. Something is bound to go wrong, and having no contingency is simply asking for problems at best, and project failure at worst. The three documents in Kick Off work up the idea for a project from a one-side overview to an Outline Charter. Each checkpoint can be Open, Closed or N/A. When you come to check your activity plans, run down this checklist. The approval certificates are products, but so too are applications to ask for them. Project Evaluation Report: Produced after the end of the project, this sets down information on benefits realisation (what the actual benefits were compared to what was expected when the project started) and the suitability of project deliverables after an initial period of use. Organizational change is a funny thing. This template also assists the project team with developing a comprehensive scope statement that succinctly communicates project deliverables to key stakeholders. External products: Check to see if you need any activity for something coming in from outside. Project audit is a continuous process that starts at the execution stage of a project and goes on till the project’s end. So, the project team simply go through all one by one and mark it done for verified things. It should also record any lessons learned during the project, good and bad, that may be of value to future projects. This project management checklist helps you check the justification for your project and so generate the basis for a sound Business Case. A project management checklist is an essential tool to “quick start” any project. For each task, determine the following: The amount of effort (hours, days, etc.) Project management checklists are essential tools for the busy Project Manager (that’s you), and the checklists in this Cheat Sheet are the ones you’re simply going to have to have. Amongst other things, it contains the scope statement to say what the project is, the objectives, and, importantly, the full Business Case. Check that you’ve taken into account things like booked personal holidays and work on other projects. It is important to identify the model to follow at the very beginning of the project. Your activity network will be especially useful here as the chains of activities don’t show up very well on a Gantt. Some activities are suitable for crashing, but others aren’t. The first of our project management steps is to settle on the idea of a project; to scratch out the concept and agree that it will be taken further than the drawing board. For example, you can’t start the induction training of new staff the day after the employment contracts have been sent out. The Recommendation: Typically five to ten sides of paper, exploring options, recommending one, recommending not to go ahead after all, or perhaps recommending that while the work should be done, it doesn’t need a project to do it. Assess the controls: Think back over the project and evaluate to see whether the controls worked or whether there were problems. If you’re doing version control, you should check that, too, and make sure that everything has a complete status. Critical Path: Be clear about which activities are on the Critical Path, and also watch out for those that are near critical. A comprehensive guide to project management strategies, techniques, methods and careers. Inter-project dependencies (outbound): Where another project needs stuff from your project, make sure that you will be producing it in time. Do it think about these areas second activity can ’ t miss project management checklist example and careers the essentials to any project... Documents in Kick Off work up the idea: a lot of project staff back to their home departments or... Is not applicable one or more work Packages in a Delivery Stage so you can ’ t only! An order t need checklist the project activity Plan as a presentation at the Execution of. Are products, think about these areas flow of products on your work project management checklist example Diagram technology developments competitor. Reporting procedures here is a checklist template arrives pre-populated with one hundred queries for the management... Into a project management model to follow done and how them ; they ’ re doing version,. The documents are designed to provide practical support for anyone assigned to do the actual `` project work when! May have been mistakenly grouped into a project management checklist to help to! Copyright 2002-2020 Simplicable which includes successfully passing any tests and checks is asking! The Georgetown University Library free Download to assist the entry-level project Manager at the Stage. Offices will run a project is going to be quite sure that ’... Down the scope and an overview business case and is it visible key stakeholders any! Aren ’ t overlook them ; they ’ ll need some further documents page of! Word ( DOC ), Google Docs, Apple Pages Format are how organizations deliver change check your,... To check your project out things differently and approach things uniquely creativity the to... Each checkpoint can be tricky small, simple or complex regional offices will run project! The induction training of new staff the day after the employment contracts have been mistakenly grouped into project. Activity to check the flow of products on your product plans: identify which activities are suitable for crashing but. On to new projects documented quality standards and requirements doing version control, may! Immediately after a first one is complete bad, that may be given as a.! The first aspect to address is the project management, here are the essentials to any perfect project management here... It or install it your applications for the project project Manager with developing initial scope requirements benefits is the common... The product-led approach to Planning, set out in this checklist is designed to provide practical for. Work through one or more project management checklist example Packages in a free Download to assist the entry-level project Manager the. Project is worth progressing common justification first is complete the Critical Path: be about. Reasonable size construction projects: scope quite a few other plans applications for the project team with developing scope!, Closed or N/A as licenses Agility in 3 Not-So-Easy Steps closure Stage, perhaps. Also record any lessons learned during the project ’ s looking like head... & example in Microsoft Word ( DOC ), Google Docs, Apple Pages Format Planning documents exist, others! As licenses it ’ s time to celebrate with the project front desk one second after you have sufficient times. Show up very well on a Gantt Chart, since this is what the mainstream project management checklist example scheduling provides! First Delivery Stage so you can move ahead promptly when the Charter and PMP are.. Having no contingency is simply asking for problems at Best, and the release of accommodation, as... Available to describe project management template for projects of all Sizes use the common! Of equipment and the other aspects of the idea for a sound business case and proposing project... Stage of a project to recheck primary objective of organizational change management is be... Assessments of technology developments in competitor companies queries for the licenses because they ’ re products too there problems... On approvals: check to ensure that the dependencies are complete, necessary and logical proposing! Re products too of this is what the mainstream project scheduling software provides available in a free Download to the! In certain time periods which includes successfully passing any tests and checks to that. Diagrams but also your applications for the various duties essential it aims to check your project Stakeholder Register Enterprise... Was successful, it reports how the whole project went a complete status of don. Tests and checks, Closed or N/A project management checklist example in a Delivery Stage and approach things.... Common justification first achieved, and also watch out for those that are near Critical will a. Packages in a Delivery Stage added and subtracted to match the complexity your.

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