can a lion kill a bear

The tiger is the largest and heaviest member of the cat family. I wouldn't be suprised if lions could kill a bear but not a 1 v 1. 718. the lion man. Panthers can be more difficult to kill but again the ammo I listed for a mountain lion would work. It should not surprise you that a lion is way faster than you, but in case you need numbers: the fastest human to ever live, Usain Bolt, can run 27.79 miles per hour. In general, shots to the head are the least likely ones to kill a bear. 1 decade ago. That is an interesting question because it points out the contrasting abilities of the cougar and the bear. A swat to the head by a bear of sufficient mass will undoubtedly be enough to end your life, as sure as a baseball bat to the head can kill you. Followers. GRIZZLY BEAR: VS: AFRICAN LION: 360: WEIGHT (kg) 190: 48: TOP SPEED (km/h) 80: 751: BITE FORCE (N) 1,768: 30,000: APPETITE (calories/day) 9,000: 1: HUMANS KILLED PER YEAR : 250: It’s a popular match-up in pub arguments, although its unlikely that the two animals would ever meet. Scenes of giraffes killing a lion are more frequent than vice versa. Three polar bears can take down a lion. A human can kill a lion same as a bicycle can outrun a car. Alexious3. Recently in The Times, an article was published about 3 lionesses taking on a small elephant as there was a shortage of food. But if the lion was stupid enough to get in front of the grizzly and get locked into its grip, it would not survive. Lv 4. Mountian lions are the easiest to kill on your list and can be killed with a .38 special, .44 special, .45acp, 9mm or 10 mm handgun or any centerfire rifle. 10 Answers. In the wild, a tiger may not meet a lion alone. They could theoretically "climb" a grizzly bear. They are in a 40x40 foot white padded room, with a dirt floor. Still, grizzly bear wins the vast majority here. Bears are overated, people say they can kill with one swipe of the paw, which is ridiculous. And even those are considered by many as under powered for a BIG black bear. Lion kill and smelly hippos « Previous Entry. The lion can also stun the bear with a blow of his paw, which again can allow the lion to attack his throat. The lion would therefore have an advantage in sheer aggression which, coupled with its superior speed, would allow it to draw first blood. The bear has the potential to be able to kill the lion, but my money would be on the lion to emerge victorious. Also, bears have thick fur, while lions do not. Whether you can kill a bear with a head shot from a .357 Mag depends on what type of bear, and what type of head shot. A toe-to-toe punch up would not be the lion’s discipline of choice, as it is speed and stealth that makes a lion stand out from the rest. 0. Reviews: 0. Post Oct 17, 2012 #2 2012-10-17T21:14. I dont get how a Lion can "easily" kill a Gorilla but yes team 2 takes this. the lion man. 0 votes. The Lion is a male in a "This bear is trying to replace me in the pride" mentality, and the bear is a mother bear in a "This lion is trying to kill my cubs" mentality. A Caucasian mountain dog bite is stronger than that of a lion and has the ability to learn the weakness of his opponent, the least it can do is to send the bear out, but if the owner or property is in danger then we are sure of a fight. Grizzly bear kills lion account, can be read in the book "california grizzly." Look. A lion has more weapons and greater agility. The largest black bear on record was in New Brunswick in Canada, and is estimated to have weighed ~1,100 lbs! An angry bull has sharp and massive horns, a large muscular body, and a mean temper - that's why I favor the bull. Cougars are very good KILLERS. What can effectively and quick dispatch a mountain lion is very possibly too weak to dispatch a bear. Forum Posts. Though the lion is the king of the jungle, taking on a giraffe is a highly risky move. Oz. The grizzly is also faster than the gorilla, but they stand about the same height. 1) a bear an mountain lion are two very different animals with different anatomy. When a Lion comes into a fight with A Grizzly bear you can bet that the Grizzly Bear will always win the fight and kill the Lion. One such incident happened in a Circus where the Grizzly Bear killed an African lion with its paw swipes within a few minutes. ProteusXManRxis. A blinding swipe to the eyes of a big brownie might really make him angry. 718 . Not saying the lion can’t kill the bear. A lion can even kill two polar bears. Black Bears, which range less than half the size of big bear species are a lot easier to kill or scare off. So the bear has frame that can take more abuse. Can A Giraffe Kill A Lion? Bear doesnt have claws wich leaves him at a disadvantage, his Jaws arent fast enough even though he has superior strength. Can a cougar defeat a grizzly bear in a fight? A Grizzly bear is always stronger than a Lion so it's very unlikely that the Lion will ever win a fight and kill a Grizzly bear. Well, yes. Yes. The bear is designed to repel multiple opponents and steal their carcasses, like wolf packs. Hippo would stomp any snake. Lions can prey alone, but they often kill in prides. can a lion kill a bear? Among other factors, the lion kills by suffocating their prey but the giraffe’s neck is too high unless when attacking young giraffes or sick individuals lying on the ground. Unless their bare hand finds a gun or machete, the human would not even be able to bruise a predator much less kill it. Unfortunately for the big cat, the polar bear’s deep shield of blubber means that a first wound is rarely enough to kill it outright, giving it the chance to throw all of its strength into the battle. So a lion would have trouble fighting a polar bear alone. If it reared up against me, I would grab it by its fur, strike it down, and kill it. Just shows how strong these beasts are . 30. But the advantage goes to the bear because of his body, fangs, etc. Lion kills polar bear When fights break out, always protect the weaker animal, for I have seen a small leopard kill a large tiger, a lion kill a polar bear. They are both in their prime, the Lion being 550 lbs and well fed, and the Bear being a Kodiak, a few months before hibernation, approx 1000 lbs. Brain vs Brawn. *Average 440 pound tiger or 420 pound lion vs average 1000 pound coastal brown bear ( Kodiak or coastal grizzly bear ). Real fight of African Lion vs Grizzly bear: Many such cases were seen in which the grizzly bear dominated a male African lion completely in Zoo and Circus. Relevance. 8 comments. Can Rhodesian Ridgeback Kill A Lion Is It A Lion Hunter They are also known as the african lion hound for this reason. It could go either way but I favour the bull. Keep in mind that a seemingly innocuous hit to the head can be fatal to humans. David Accepts the Challenge … 35 I went after it, struck it down, and delivered the lamb from its mouth. Lions cannot kill grizzly bears easily, so it will have more trouble with the polar bear. The Grizzly Bear is always more powerful than the Lion so Grizzly Bear will always win the fight 100% of the time. Filed Under: Crocodile, Elephant, Grizzly Bear, Hippo, Lion, Tiger. A grizzly can weigh almost twice as much as an African lion, so they can soak up more damage. The bear would be at least double the size of the gorilla. Answer Save. To be beckoned into a brawl with a bear would be a heavy, one-sided defeat. But if there was a fight between a polar bear and a PACK of lions, well, then the lions would definitely win. 107. The lion would have a harder time wounding the bear due to the fur, while the bear doesn’t have the same problem. The bear would bite the neck as a kill shot, which would be hard to get to on a gorilla since they have a small neck that is well protected. Also, the bear is more of a heavy hitter, and combined with those massive claws, the lion wouldn’t have much of a chance. There is one big factor that is missing from these tales of tigers killing lions, and that is the fact that lions do not usually kill by themselves. The bear being too thick and strong, is able to repel tigers initial attacks, which eventually wears the tiger down, as the tiger is not designed for the prolonged fight, but more so for the quick ambush kill. Unfortunately they killed it. 2) only people who havent hunted bear, been around bear or seen a bear kill would even consider a .45ACP as 'bear … I enjoyed the scans above. Favourite answer. 10 years ago. A polar bear weighs 1800 pounds, is 13 ft long, and has stronger muscles than a lion, and its sharp claws could kill two lions at a time. Hippos can crush a human to death with their weight ranging anywhere from 3,000 to 9,000 pounds. They can kill a crocodile. 9 months ago . Pound for pound, they are the same strength. page 204-20 Although it is some, the day of the arisen accident to Artis, the repetition extended itself to noon. Wiki Points. Lions can climbs trees. Lion kicks ass. Here is bear vs lion so you can make up your own opinion. A bear can fight with both paws and deliver devestating blows; if it comes down to trading paw swipes. Follow 4601. Though the bear can weigh more, most of its weight comes from its large, heavy skeleton and considerable amount of body-fat. Yes, a polar bear could kill a lion. Males of some tigers reach a length of 3 meters and have a weight of over 300 kg. any bear it maybe.

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