you're mustard meaning

Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. 1: Pass mustard So, first of all, the expression you’re aiming at is pass muster – a state of being where you’ve been tested and come through with flying colors. Still have questions? A boomer phrase of undeterminable origin, It pretty much means you're wrong or bad. It was meant to be casual but wow, you’re as keen as mustard!”. People often use this idiom in its negative form, such as he doesn’t cut the mustard.. "As keen as mustard." So, back to the origin. So, it’s that kind of “Wow dude! It doesn't happen naturally. It's in a rap song. To call (troops) together, as for inspection. Cutting the Mustard Meaning. Kris' link offers this explanation: [During] the beginning of the century, “to be the proper mustard” was a slang phrase meaning to be the genuine article, possibly because some so-called “mustard” of that period would not pass today’s pure food requirements. Ask Question + 100. Definition of cut the mustard in the Idioms Dictionary. The origin of this idiom is contested, and there are many different theories. However, there is no pass mustard. You’re as keen as mustard, aren’t you?”. The context there is missing but the meaning is clear in F. Smith's Clod-pate's Ghost, 1679: "You shall see a man as hot as Mustard against Plot and Plotters." Because this type of mustard is sweetened, you might not want to use it all willy-nilly in any recipe you're making. Origin of Cut the Mustard . But if you have yellow poop that looks greasy and smells very bad, it may have too much fat. 3. v.intr. It’s common for babies, especially those who breastfeed. To bring into existence or readiness; summon up: mustering up her strength for the ordeal. And the last example could be that you are a … See Synonyms at call. It means, "Abracadabra, you're no longer a mustard plant—you're a mustard tree!" To cause to come together; gather: Bring all the volunteers you can muster. ters What does cut the mustard expression mean? You’re incredibly keen. They are saying ketchup (meaning catch up) like mustard (because ketchup and mustard go together). This common mustard is sweet and tangy all at once, and it is delightful (in my humble opinion). They probably said ketchup like mustard. 2. 1. You know what I'm saying. It's like a rabbit becoming a lion. Get your answers by asking now. cut the mustard phrase. It not only changed species, it changed families. Join Yahoo Answers and … You’re clearly very eager, you’re clearly very enthusiastic. These are slightly pre-dated by a similar phrase 'the keenest mustard', from 1658. 0 0. There is also the expression cut the mustard, meaning the same thing. Get it? I think I've worn this one into the ground. This shade is also normal for many people. You can whip some up yourself by mixing your mustard of choice with honey in a 1:1 ratio. Something went wrong. Definition: To be sufficient for something; to be of high enough quality.

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