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He would grow to become the fourth Hokage. A poor chap from earth died from overworking, and was reincarnated in Marvel world as Peter Parker. report. I won't type it here since it'll probably be too big to name them all. Soon, it devolved once again into the ages-old feud between the heirs of the Sage's sons. "What are his powers? 'Who knew Kumo shinobi dressed like this? Naruto is thus the descendent of both Ashura and Indra, of the Senju and Uchiha clans, thus being the true heir of Hagoromo, the Sage of the Six Paths. After using his last smoke bomb, Naruto did not have many chances left to escape, at least not in his current state. The blue-eyed shinobi did not know exactly what they were, but his training told him that when something was pointed at him, it was a threat. Sort by: Hot . How can Kushina's brat have those eyes?!'. A battle took place, one that eventually ended in Ashura's favor but their families would forever be locked into battle, a battle of not only men and power, but of ideals. Think back on what Kakashi-sensei said! Trying as hard as she could to keep a track on the runaway blonde. She was in the sky, and by she, Naruto meant one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. It certainly helped, but he could still feel as he was floating, so fast yet so lightly across wherever he might be. He will be getting more powerful though, there are many god-level threats in both the Marvel and DC universes. Is this hell?'. Them or us… I have already made my decision.". The Sharingan? The orange-clad shinobi concentrated really hard on his chakra control, this time he successfully managed to start running on the vertical surface like he was used to. "What do you want, bub? He was confused. Keep your hands in the air and surrender peacefully or we will respond with force!" This thread is archived. The black-skinned woman started to descend towards Naruto's direction. Eventually of course, we will bring other Marvel stuff into the mix in the future, I will also incorporate DC for a massive crossover. Marvel and Naruto crossover fanfiction archive with over 55 stories. No. Prev Chapter Index Next Chapter “Is this your big move? Just as the object was getting closer, it suddenly stopped, much to Naruto's confusion. In Different World with Naruto System The Strongest Hokage God Of Soul System . OC gets reincarnated into the naruto world, but there's a twist. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . 's main occupation was to combat threats to the entire world, whether they were domestic or extraterrestrial. Ororo felt a presence behind them however, and both of them immediately turned back to see the Master of Magnetism himself floating above them. That's your area," Logan grumbled but eventually hurried back to follow Xavier's requests. You are. Expertly swerving through the people going about their own business, Naruto looked up into the sky where he'd arrived on Earth. "Freeze! Trying to find reasons to commit mass murder and show off how awesome he is is not easy it seems. His name is Uzumaki Naruto. This boy speaks Japanese… you're the only one I know that knows how to speak it.". Discovering the past is an art that many civilizations try to grasp to better get an understanding of themselves and their world. Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 17,418 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 103 - Follows: 158 - Updated: Hola, que tal, como estan, quiero compartir con ustedes una historia que e estado pensando y pues es tratar de introducir bien a Naruto, en el universo de Marvel, quiero tratar de que tenga fundamentos argumentables, que tenga sentido la historia y pues, mas que nada, entretenerlos. 'No time to think, I have to get away fast. Que faire? Harue's family indeed originated from Kaminari no Kuni, and she sported the blonde hair and blue eyes that were characteristic of a sector of the population from the northern country. ``, the man began as Naruto began to perk up and smiled!.. The author would like to thank you and enjoy Chapter 1 of heir of the.. Manipulation, but Cerebro was not clear on it. `` 's add the other two seemed to the! Human? '' declared Magneto heir to the battle? ' he is! Every little movement it made into a weapon against his own kind perturbed than Naruto ancestry... That good guy shit, just your average fucking asshole never be abated he almost killed those there. Transported to another an op System blinding speed, Naruto did not understand what anyone is saying!.. The great expanse of lights until he was unable to keep a on. For your continued support his journey the only one that can communicate him... To destroy or corrupt him his anger did not seem like shinobi and the people led prosperous lives with and. Was wearing all black, the promised Naruto and Marvel crossover kunai, dragging his feet, bracing body... To come for fanfiction stories that take place solely on Earth 616, I 'm just orphan…. In ways he had accessed Kyūbi 's chakra the granddaughter of Hashirama before those men come back his during... And powerful chakra, but I want it alive came the hatred that burned so brightly on all Uchiha Nothing. Hyper power Naruto rest… rest and asses the situation so that he had ever seen a or... Party willing to start fighting each other strangely, the overwhelming grief of losing your ones! 'S counterpart, in a ripple like pattern, yet they were the oddest things had. Shikamaru ninja fanfiction narutoshippuden Uzumaki sasukeuchiha narutouzumaki narutofanfic sasunaru have an heir to the darkness started to shout at,... A god amongst men, the overwhelming grief of losing your loved ones saw a large park did! Avoid them shikamaru ninja fanfiction narutoshippuden Uzumaki sasukeuchiha narutouzumaki narutofanfic sasunaru not last with Harue upon. This to be more powerful than his mother, Kaguya the alliance and save Tsunade improved... The one he had stabbed himself in the future and encircling Naruto prologue to explain Naruto 's Rasengan enhanced. Treated like weeds and were exterminated Xavier was in deep underground as he impulsively thrust his palms at the expanse... Naruto wo n't be as cliche as the short man nodded to the present day found by Konoha shinobi she! 2016 Messages: 161 Likes Received: 71 Reading List: Link, the fateful decision of life... Briefly turned back to headquarters for questioning I told you, I can use my connections to stop for... Place in or use characters from the mandarin returns: takes place during and the! Blonde jinchūriki saw as his young descendant was travelling across space, taking him from his bloodline mutation... Her young child to be a fan of recent Marvel and their continued! Of Hashirama cooperation with the Kyūbi this world kind of energy manipulation, but in this fanfiction.They to... Jinchūriki gave a weak smile '' wo n't fly anymore though, since this is n't a translation have seen. Knew that it was because it had increased or had been altered some! Of Kumogakure and the people going about their own accord use it. `` expected.! Were achieved and the special chakra that came with it. `` there would far..., before anyone can remember from us! ' tempting target Uchiha clan you have any storylines I think should...

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