student conduct philosophy

The student conduct system provides a just, fair and equitable means of examining and addressing student misconduct. Hard copies are available upon request from the Office of Student Services. Hours Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. STUDENT CONDUCT PHILOSOPHY 1. Student Code of Conduct Philosophy and Purpose The University of Montevallo strives to maintain an educational community that fosters the development of students who are ethical, civil and responsible persons. Location The Office of Student Conduct is located on the 2nd floor of Memorial Hall. Students are responsible for reading and abiding by the The student code of conduct should be evaluated every year and changed whenever it is necessary to fit the ever-shifting needs of the school community. The educational process is ideally conducted in an environment that encourages reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, openness to constructive change, and respect for the rights of all individuals Click here to learn more » Emphasis is placed on students’ acceptance of personal responsibility to uphold and safeguard community standards. Additionally, students experiencing any health concerns should contact UNCW Student Health or their medical provider. PHILOSOPHY STATEMENT The Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC) community is committed to fostering a ... Student Conduct annually through a link on the PTC website’s Consumer Information page. Student Conduct & Hearing Board Philosophy. Student Conduct 706-542-1131 247 Memorial Hall, Athens, GA 30602. Division of Student Affairs, University of Maryland 2117 Mitchell Building, College Park, MD 20742 Telephone: 301.314.8204 | Fax: 301.314.9533 E-mail: Web Accessibility The basic philosophy and approach to student conduct at UNCW is one of education, focusing on student learning through individual growth and accountability of … The university may impose disciplinary sanctions against students or student organizations when their conduct significantly interferes with the educational objectives of Boise State and its members. The Student Code of Conduct, and the processes of its administration and enforcement, serves to maintain the standards of the university community. Statement of Philosophy. Office of Student Conduct. Conduct process is educational The student conduct process is regarded as an essential and constructive element of the educational process. Policies governing student behavior and community standards are not laws. It is the white building located next to Sanford Stadium. Students of the University are expected to conduct themselves in … The University of Scranton, as a community of scholars seeking to sustain a culture of excellence, requires its students to conduct themselves in ways that allow for their personal growth and development and for that of others in the most positive ways possible. STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 2019-2020 1 FPDOCS 32186785.1 III. Sample Student Code of Conduct While attending school during regular hours or during school-sponsored activities, students are expected to follow these basic rules, procedures, and expectations: Student Conduct Memorial Hall 247 Memorial Hall, Athens, GA 30602 (706) 542-1131| The University of Georgia is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action. The aim of education is the intellectual, personal, social, and ethical development of the individual. Our Philosophy.

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