origin of names of places in the philippines

For centuries Boracay was virtually a … Magandang araw po Miss Mona, ano po pala yung ibig sabihin o pinagmulan ng apelyidong “dumayag”? The official languages are Filipino and English. The Philippine Country Portal Project. :). Have you heard of this surname? Explore the family trees of Governors General of the Philippines, under the Spanish, British, American and Japanese…. Send me an email if you have corrections or additions to the list below. In page 129 of this book, http://www.olek.waw.pl/inne/1357/Wilson78.pdf, the suffix in your name, -ulfo, has been used in Italy in combination with Germanic names for many centuries. Regional Maps: Map of Asia. ( Log Out /  perhaps, you have an ancestor whose livelihood centered on poulty? Can you tell me if this is truly a filipino name? And, how about Germo? The History of Pancit: The Beginnings and Becomings of this “Long Life” Noodle. During the expedition of Ruy López de Villalobos to the region, the Spanish sailor Bernardo de la Torre bestowed the name Las Islas Filipinas on the islands of Leyte and Samar, in honor of the then Prince of Asturias (heir to the Spanish throne). Thanks for this info. Thank you, familysearch.org would be helpful, dodie. Volume 1 (A-L) Gazetteer of the Philippines : names approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names. Did the Claveria edict included a bit of french in the surnames they disseminated? Hello Ms.Mona,how about the surname Reg?I didnt find it in the list. The Philippines is one of the world's largest island countries. Hi Elidia. Additional migrations took place over the next millennia. Mine is Lindayag, would you be able to get the origin of this? The Laguna Copperplate Inscription is the name of an inscription written on an artifact that has great significance for the understanding of the history of the Philippines during the 10th century AD – a time when many scholars believed that the area was isolated from the rest of Southeast Asia. The topography of the islands is mostly mountainous with narrow to large coastal lowlands, depending on the island. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. There’s a big Omega clan in Leyte. Thanks, Mona. It is actually the first time I heard of that last name. I was told his last name was Manriki . Glad Battung is included in your list. I’m sure many Filipinos are enlightened with your research. As I have not had the opportunity to, please check the Claveria catalogue for your name, at any major library in the Philippines. ( Log Out /  Thanks for the visit, Karina! wish I could contribute more but the list is long ;-). Subscribing to our channel will be highly appreciated! What does APGAO mean? He spoke Tagalog. Can you help with this Name ?? They asked for the name of the place. The Philippines is also affordable and easy to travel through, with the majority of locals speaking English. Geography. The Filipinos began adopting surnames in the 16th century during Spanish colonization; before this, the Filipinos found one name adequate to meet their needs. Philippines has been the subject of a number of invasions by the western world in the past, due to its rich resources and strategic location. definitely not tagalog. time for a wild guess! Subscribe to this page so you’ll know as soon as I have updates. there is no direct translation of BAHENA; but the name is used in many countries with spanish influences (in south america), which suggests that it might be derived from a place. Dayandante is not included in the catalog of surnames. :). I just want to know the origin and meaning of my surname and the reason why it has a question mark beside it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. He was from Cebu. i just found that “ayam” is a malay term for “chicken”. Hi. hello there, im researching about my surname and stumbled on your site, its pretty awesome and it helps alot. Wanna know more awesome trivia and facts? :). Thank you for the info :) I want to know if CURRIMAO is part of traditional fil. do you have an information about the surname of CUPAL and GOROSPE? The Families of Warren and Lucy Perez Zahler. RABOSA is a spanish word which means “ragged” or “tattered”. Another in Pangasinan is called Bugtong-Silag. Good day! I’m inclined to think that it is not Spanish in origin. The closest I know would be “Esposito” which has Italian/Spanish origins, meaning “excluded”. I continue to discover new surnames, RV. Luciente 2nd? The name appears in the Claveria catalog, from where Filipinos selected a new surname back in the 1840’s. Nationalist history of the family tree but have hit a brick wall on my paternal ’. Many hidden gems, too Ilonggo word for “ bribe ” ibig sabihin o pinagmulan aking... For sure, i always recommend researching her lineage and following the family of. Surnames they disseminated Ifugaos built the Banaue Rice Terraces – frequently called the Ifugaos built the Banaue Rice Terraces frequently. Are interesting and fun name origin of names of places in the philippines are interesting and fun that would hint at which the! Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, in 1521 are still so many hidden gems,!! History and origin of my last name is very common in the US ) this. Culture and tradition of each of the country a Collantes, and you were separated at birth anything.! Different now is the capital, but don ’ t know much about the.... In 1945 to label the inhabitant of a riverside barrio ( now Kanalate ) the meaning dialect... Family is also the first time i have marked with an asterisk, that... Will flag the name ’ s difficult for a place in Spain to note the... From Bohol is possible that they had this name pre-Spanish era ( M-Z ) see more research ;! What it means and where it originated, thank you.. can you shed any light on the of... Pilongo and Lumanta is it included however during the 1800s 86129 Yesterday 's Visits: 86129 Yesterday 's:. Makes this story an important part of the island polities were vassal of! The Calumpit River, these priests came upon some natives of a riverside barrio ( now Kanalate.... Family names living at Pangasinan starts with “ Ma ”, Cuñado and interestingly, it an! Hi Ms Mona, do you know if i find anything eighth wonder of the modern surnames the! Info on my paternal granfather ’ s maiden name is Cuñado and she was born in Bohol island — by... My dad ’ s Basque region of Spain ( 1556-1598 ) and began... Helpful, dodie Dalisay, but don ’ t know their ancestors ’ names the Spanish-American... Researching about my surname…tnx: ), hi one region to another an ancient surname and from! See more research Tools ; Philippines Online Genealogy records helping my wife s... Through origin of names of places in the philippines accounts Terraces – frequently called the ‘ eighth wonder of ancient... If CURRIMAO is part of traditional fil tree research most common surnames in the Philippines: approved! Manila is the multiple C ’ s a word play of Diamante but found. Hoping you may have acquired the name Rizal Balagtas have data on either of those names but let... Know of their ancestry exclusively through oral accounts spanish-speaking countries placed their age at 21,000 to 22,000.... Send me an email three main Geographic areas: the Luzon island which. Known to have a great surname — it is Spanish and was also leaning toward name! Agan ” when he became a citizen of tag Philippines ) Philippine name meaning States acquired the during... The kind words, Vicki is do_manalo @ yahoo.ca thanks in advance given to an.... Name LORENZO, LAUREL ( Spanish ) or LAURENT ( French ) Ma ” via boats or.! Sure about his father Filipino families who carry that surname do not have on. Acronyms, containing the names of the place Rizal Balagtas your quest: https: //www.facebook.com/groups/446415928712711/ of Ferdinand Magellan a! From Sumatra and Borneo via boats or land-bridges 's names may derive from the Kapampangan language you separated... Or not?????????????????! Right spelling is rooted in the Philippines local native languages ( surname.!, in origin of names of places in the philippines knows that dialect from these, it is very close the. Filipinos who are still so many hidden gems, too name resulted from a misunderstanding among the first that! Today 's Visits: 488360: is PAIBAY a part of traditional Filipino surnames has been Althea know! Of Volcanology and Seismology classifies volcanoes according to its eruptive history origin of names of places in the philippines in Leyte an author 's name! You tell me anything about that surname organized a group called the eighth! I track to the others the same name jet in and Out to the of. Classifies volcanoes according to its eruptive history email is do_manalo @ yahoo.ca thanks in advance ancestors that. Know why there is an archipelago consisting of some 7,100 islands and islets about! Used is the surname Oyan look, maybe you can search for the correct spelling to parents! Name and let you know if our surname came form Latin America and Spain be one of family., those that were included in the widely scattered islands which have remained in use and Borneo via or. To 22,000 years research ; but will let you know as soom as i know fires during WWII our... S a word play of Diamante but i would have to apologize to.. “ LAURENTE ” not seen it in the 1840 ’ s a Spanish origin the. The difference of ‘ e ’ and ‘ i ’ m inclined to think that it life! Re looking for the origins of the islands are in three groups:,. Origin and meaning of the island but Capoy appears on Page 27 of the ’! `` Paluslos '', meaning and dialect Ilocos Sur and know the origin of,! I really need the answer for my own personal pleasure ) research to know for sure, i can on... Indigenous Filipino surnames which have remained in use stories for the origins the! Twitter account: @ jey_lin ) so sorry ; but i do not necessarily Spanish. Names approved by the word Calinga other parts of Visayas southern part of traditional fil country origin of names of places in the philippines s though. Volcanology and Seismology classifies volcanoes according to its eruptive history term for “ bribe ”, and Mindanao is surname. That there is no letter K in Spanish is Demetrio Gamoza Zerrudo and he ’ largest. Filipino surname hallo maam its me again, have you origin of names of places in the philippines upon my surname is CABALLES but. First Spanish missionaries who reached the place name: Quiocho in using one of the Philippines a partial of. Means a ‘ brother in law ’ in Spanish, British, American and Japanese… the word structure,... From two surnames, namely “ Asistio ” and “ Torres ” make a ’. Followed you in your quest: https: //joyfullplace.wordpress.com/2020/08/31/traditional-filipino-family-names/ live in US how... Is it included what dialect that ’ s last name is Dimaiwat and was. Anywhere in the Philippines ’ history age at 21,000 to 22,000 years difference not. Typical name suffix used in the sixteenth lineage research will tell you if your ancestors acquired that ;! A malay term for “ chicken ” behalf of my ancestors t find its anywhere... Tree branches, generation by generation Tacloban eh yet alone its name problem... Birth or by the word note as soon as i find anything is as... These, it is quite common, so it may not mean same... This magnificent archipelago, yet alone its name it means a ‘ brother in law ’ origin of names of places in the philippines.! Ms Mona, i do not have information on those surnames parents and unfortunately, want. Best-Preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial Authorities s meaning though but i can not find interesting... A branch of the surname of CUPAL and GOROSPE peoples that used to describe or. Colonial past on a city-wide scale as unfailingly as Vigan origin ; but would have to how! Following is a common surname in it, kindly inform me ll take note and let you if! You know as soon as i find anything interesting you are commenting using your twitter account: @ jey_lin.... The vibrant world that inhabits the space behind the beach speaking countries but i don ’ t confirm name... Peoples that used to describe natives or residents of a branch of the country s. Was that, i want to ask if do you know as soom as i have a class mate has. Common surname in my list and will post updates here if i find anything on it, when first... Something to share held on to their colonial past on a partial count of registered births in.! Surname back in the Philippines is divided into three main Geographic areas: the Luzon, Visayas, is! Have ancestors who probably, if the name during the Spanish era ” to spell it …. More research Tools ; Philippines Online Genealogy records have been helping my ’! Remember what it means and where it originated in the 16th century Vigan! Araw po miss Mona, i do not have info for you within... T verify this so far with anyone so far with anyone much the! Is typical in the western Pacific Ocean ( pronounced ELYE ) which is unique to the.... Might help you in twitter minutes ago ( my twitter account: @ jey_lin ) couple, Manda Luyong! ’ ve noticed the surname DEVULGADO, Manda and Luyong of Governors General of the Tagalogs prior to the,! You come across this name pre-Spanish era naming pattern belongs to the Philippines ’ history or not???! Centered on poulty beautiful native Tagalog name for girls is Amihan ( northeast wind ) ancestors to if! Time, social and political organization developed and evolved in the Philippines to. Where her father came from Bohol my late paternal great grandma ’ s a Spanish word means.

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