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MASTERSTUDIES makes it easy for graduate students to find the right degree. This fast-paced (but substantive) program will give you a foundation in circuits, systems, and mechatronics. UCLA is known for its research and work in engineering, medicine, business, and much more. The University of South Florida (USF) is located in Tampa and is a large research school. This research-focused MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from UMD is highly interdisciplinary. At MIT you will apply physical Read more. And U.S. News & World Report includes its engineering school among the top 100 best in the nation. In fact, it’s projected that there will be at least a 7 percent growth in the market in the next few years alone. You can design your own program or choose from one of the provided tracks in: Cornell is top ranked by Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, ARWU, and much more. How is Grad School Different from College? ASU offers approximately 250 “traditional” degree programs as well. While a student you will engage in research that addresses contemporary issues. WSU’s highlighted research areas include: U.S. News & World Report includes Washington State among its listings of universities with the most prolific research activity. More than 30,000 students attend WSU, most of whom are on the Pullman campus. The university has graduated dozens of Field Medalists, Nobel laureates, Turing Award winners, and much more. U.S. News & World Report ranks it 44th among all national universities. And you will be set up to work in an array of industries, from academia to government. UMD offers over 220 academic programs, many of which are highly ranked and regarded. It is a flagship and research-driven university. Penn State offers two ways to earn a MS in Electrical Engineering degree: through a one-year accelerated program or the traditional full program. The program provides three options (two plans): MS thesis (Plan A Over 5,000 students attend NYU’s School of Engineering. +, The rapid digital transformation is posing new challenges for business and politics as well as society in general. MSU offers a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree that can be earned on campus or online. It is devised to train students in the field of e-mobility in order to have them work towards an ecological transition. Around 12,000 students attend MIT. The remaining credits can be selected from a broad range of This MS in Electrical Engineering degree from Missouri S&T is markedly research driven. Texas Tech also offers many ways to specialize, in: A leader in technological and engineering research, TTU has partnered with national agencies such as NASA on many projects. It is the site of leading research initiatives in the areas of engineering and the natural sciences. And of all the highly regarded departments, UMich’s College of Engineering is home to more than $100 million in research projects each year. The University of Bridgeport offers one of the more innovative MS in Electrical Engineering programs on our list. Earning a law degree opens professional doors. And there are even five areas of specialization in which you can enroll: NYU’s School of Engineering is top-ranked in many categories. Are you passionate about both the creative and technical aspects of systems design? M.S. +, The Master of Science in Electrical Engineering is designed to help students understand and apply the principles of electrical engineering to such diverse areas as communicati IIT Madras is good for Control System specialization. Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), the organizer of the Master Programme in Wireless Communication Engineering (WCE) at the University of Oulu, also offers job opportunities for master's and doctoral students to participate in 6Genesis Flagship program targeting on future 6G systems. University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. It is ranked among the top 100 best universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Compare 42 Universities & Colleges on fees, courses, scholarships, acceptance rate & eligibility requirements to study masters in Electrical Engineering in UK. +, After graduation student is capable of designing, developing, implementing, and employing wireless communications networks and systems including radio engineering for 5G, 6G, EE MS Research Specialization Qualified students can further choose to apply to the MS Specialization in Research. New technologies such as electric cars or renewable and ecological power supply systems require fundamental research in electrical (energy) engineering. Our figures and information come from the university and colleges’ websites, PayScale, and nationally recognized U.S. News & World Report and The National Center for Education Statistics. At Purdue you can earn your MS of Electrical Engineering online or on-campus. Its rankings even extend beyond the academic scope. You’ll even work in the lab, travel to conferences, and provide research assistance. Creative ideas can be developed and actively promoted in this program, offering young people the opportunity to gain experience and shape the future with us. Virginia Tech offers a MS in Electrical Engineering degree that is equal parts research and creative design. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a growing interdisciplinary department with a focus on research and education in a wide variety of sub-disciplines, ranging from image and signal processing to nanoscale engineering. Are you fascinated by intricate systems, circuits, and signals? ... It is considered one of New York state’s most affordable schools. You will take classes such as: Texas A&M–Kingsville’s rankings may be unique, but that makes them all the more impressive. After graduation student is capable of designing, developing, implementing, and employing wireless communications networks and systems including radio engineering for 5G, 6G, and IoT applications. It is located near the Silicon Valley and has therefore become a premier spot for technology and business development. ... It is considered one of the top 10 best universities in the country. in ECE, EEE, Computers Students can opt this major. It is also praised by The Wall Street Journal, among others, for graduating some of the best-trained students. And it is organized into 10 schools and colleges. This Master’s in Engineering program gives students a personalized curriculum while also allowing them to explore interdisciplinary research topics. Though USC is perhaps most known for its education and research in engineering, medicine, and business. As an academic program, electrical engineering programs typically focus on transmission, electrification and generation (i.e. Approximately 26,000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in one of UA’s 200 academic programs. Located in Pasadena, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a small school with under 3,000 students. You have to ask yourself the following questions: What is my background? Student may choose to read M.Sc. The new master’s program “Power Electronics” will be an innovation driver for this dynamic technology sector. The University is not only lauded for its academic excellence, but its research initiatives and its affordability. Some of the areas of focus include: Columbia University is a founding member of the illustrious Association of American Universities. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree offers necessary multidisciplinary topics in the e-mobility field. Why am I getting an MS in EE? But you will also take core electrical engineering courses as well as classes in other Columbia engineering majors. Products that we use everyday require the expertise of electrical engineers, and a Master in Electrical Engineering program will teach students the skills necessary for a successful and fulfilling career in private companies, government organizations, or even as an entrepreneur. This is also a highly customizable degree that allows you to pursue your own research and career goals. And it is also globally ranked by Times Higher Education, among others. When you earn a MS in Electrical Engineering degree at Stanford you will experience a highly customizable curriculum. They work in law enforcement, the court system, and the correctional system. And, NCSU is consistently included among rankings for affordability. UT offers a MS in Electrical Engineering degree that allows students to enroll in one of two tracks: the thesis or non-thesis option. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at MIT offers a MS in Electrical Engineering degree that is unparalleled. So not only will you gain hands-on experience, but you won’t break the bank either. And the Museum of Geology offers an impressive collection of rocks and fossils. Students earning a MS in Electrical Engineering degree at Tech graduate able to analyze, interpret, and evaluate complex engineering data. Preparing for college before the first day sets up new students for success. Additionally, CSUF’s program comes with four areas of specialized focus: CSUF is designated a Hispanic-serving and Asian American Native American Pacific Islander-serving institution. A Master in Electrical Engineering not only gives the individual a deeper understanding of his craft, but also the ability to transform how the world works. UMD is ranked 60th among all national universities. It has over 40,000 students who are enrolled in one of the University’s eight academic colleges. Students fully develop their own concentration with the guidance of an academic advisor. Approximately 22,000 students are spread across these campuses. Graduates from this program have found rewarding careers as engineers in industrial, governmental, and business settings. When you earn your MS in Electrical Engineering degree at UNC Charlotte you will have the option to customize your degree. These vary by school, but popular specializations include controls, circuits and signals, bioengineering, and computer engineering, among others. This two-year program taught entirely in English, offers tracks in electro-optics, nano and microelectronics, data science and information technology (signal processing, commu On top of this, the University is nationally ranked by ARWU and Washington Monthly, consistently included among their lists of the top 50 best colleges. The University of Florida (UF) is located in Gainesville, but has a number of affiliate campuses and research institutions across the state. This two-year program taught entirely in English, offers tracks in electro-optics, nano and microelectronics, data science and information technology (signal processing, communications, computer engineering), and bioengineering. The online master in engineering program, for example, has been ranked as high as 16th among all programs of its kind nationally. Other options within this field of study: Stevens Institute of Technology - Graduate Studies, Master In addition to its academic excellence, UT has been lauded for its environmental commitments and its sustainability programs. power engineering) and students can often choose a concentration such as wireless communication, power systems, energy conversion, image and video processing, or computer engineering. Lawrence Technological University (LTU) is located in Southfield, Michigan. The Charlotte campus within the larger University of North Carolina System is a large research university. Though today it offers degrees in forestry, science, technology, business, and more. And while some programs combine electrical engineering with computer engineering, others offer specializations in bioengineering, systems design, renewable energy, and much more. California State University in Fullerton (CSUF) is the largest school in the wider CSU System. At the same time, it is creating an increasing demand for a So not only will you take rigorous courses from a prestigious university, but you can do so from the comfort of your own home. Grants, Loans and Scholarships - What's the Difference? ... Courses prepare professional specialists in telecommunication systems and networks, especially cellular and trunked radio-communication, land, marine and airmobile radio-communication, personal radio-communication, wireless data transmission systems, digital radio and TV broadcast, design and implementation of services of commercial and dedicated radio-communication networks, satellite and land-based radio-navigation systems. MIT is located in Cambridge and offers leading education in the physical sciences, engineering, biology, economics, and management. And its graduate engineering school is ranked 32nd. Electrical engineering is a field within engineering that mainly tackles the research and application of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. Many consider Electrical Engineering to be one of the more interesting fields of engineering, with jobs that involve designing components It is a large, research-driven school that offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs to its 30,000 students. In addition to this broad curriculum, USF offers seven areas of focus. The University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) is a public research school located outside of Washington, DC. It offers education in the fields of physics, engineering, environmental science, astronomy, computer science, and more. Students are able to get hands-on experience through faculty collaboration and engineering and technology-related extracurriculars. At Michigan Tech there are two ways to earn your graduate degree in electrical engineering. Upon graduation you will be a world-class leader in technology. From there we narrowed the list by bringing in crucial factors, such as reputation and student retention, a sign of student satisfaction. Electrical Engineering Colleges Adam's Engineering College, Khammam National Institute of Technology - NIT Patna, Patna National Institute of Technology - NIT Raipur, Raipur Lingaya's University, Faridabad M Online learning is both a flexible and affordable way to advance your education and career. Merge technology, engineering, and science and apply it to practical, industrial, and business applications to become a leader in your field. These specializations involve different electrical and electronics engineering subjects and topics. And U.S. News & World Report ranks it the second best in the world. This course has as general aim to form competent engineers who can contribute to our society, on all levels and in different fields of application. +, The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a growing interdisciplinary department with a focus on research and education in a wide variety of sub-disciplines, ra You can even earn a joint degree in engineering and business or law. +, Courses prepare professional specialists in telecommunication systems and networks, especially cellular and trunked radio-communication, land, marine and airmobile radio-commu To learn more about the opportunities for a Master in Electrical Engineering degree, read through the programs below. You can specialize in many ways, including: U.S. News & World Report includes USC among the top 25 best universities in the nation. M.S. At the junior and senior level, however, they branch Though many of the University’s individual departments are highly regarded, it is most known for its agricultural and technology programs. 1. What is Involved in a College Application? This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Of its many strengths and accolades, CSUF’s highest ranked programs are housed in the nursing, engineering, social work, and fine arts departments. The UCLA graduate engineering program can actually be completed online. They also deal with power production and distribution systems. M.Tech. And recently it was called “the Harvard of the 21st century” by Slate. Likewise, its many graduate degrees in engineering are among the top 50 nationally. A smaller university, LTU is comprised of about 4,000 students, a quarter of whom are graduate students. Do you want to work on leading products, such as electric cars or renewable energy? UNC Charlotte is highly praised for its research contributions, its affordability, and its social mobility. Over 30,000 students attend UNC Charlotte and are enrolled in one of the University’s 300 undergraduate and graduate degrees programs. And while it maintains its roots in those area, with strong departments in engineering and technology, today OSU offers hundreds of highly regarded academic programs. Not only is the University of Michigan one of the best places to earn a degree in electrical engineering, it offers some of the most opportunities for specialization. Or you can complete the full 30 credits through coursework alone. KSU graduates from KSU’s program have gone on to find work in: KSU is nationally and globally ranked. Signal processing is a vital part of it but it accommodates well with computer hardware. The Master of Applied Science (MASc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering Program is for students interested in pursuing advanced studies and research in Biomedical Technologies, Communications Systems, Computer and Software Systems, Energy Systems, or Micro and Nano Technologies. LTU’s MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree readies students for a range of careers in leadership. It is the flagship campus in the larger UA System. It is one of the most prestigious research universities in the Midwest, and has just under 50,000 students in attendance. For example, it is consistently among the top colleges in the U.S. for its Social Mobility. Forbes ranks it 18th for its affordability. MS in Embedded Systems is the specialization in demand by students from Electronics and Electrical background. How to choose the best Masters MS program and specialization? The George Washington University - School of Engineering & Applied Science. To collate the best programs we looked at schools across the nation that offer the degree. It is a research university known primarily for its health, science, and technology programs. At MIT you will apply physical, analytical, and computational approaches to technical models and programs. Students need to first do at least 3 credits of ELEN 6001/6002 (as part of the 24 credits in their first two semesters) under the supervision of a research advisor and then needs the recommendation from their … ... This program does not formally offer specialization areas, meaning students combine classes that reflect their interests and passions. So you will want to look closely for a program that reflects your career goals and passions. ... The time required to earn an electrical engineering master's degree varies by school. Whichever program you enroll in, you can expect to take some exciting classes, such as: Penn State is ranked 50th among all national universities by U.S. News & World Report, and is a top 20 public school. Electrical engineering is a field within engineering that mainly tackles the research and application of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. The University has graduated dozens of Nobel laureates, astronauts, MacArthur Fellows, and more. U.S. News & World Report ranks it among the top 30 best universities in the nation. Located in Los Angeles, USC offers dozens of undergraduate and graduate programs that are ranked among the best of their kind. A member of the renowned Texas A&M University System, the Kingsville campus specializes in engineering, agriculture, wildlife, music, and the sciences. Become a sought-after expert with cutting-edge knowledge and strong professional connections. This is optional and decision is to be made only after being admitted and registered as a M.Sc. The opportunities for students at Texas Tech who are earning a graduate degree in electrical engineering are many. This program is actually very similar to the on-campus engineering programs, but with more flexibility. This includes the engineering, biomedical sciences, and physical sciences departments. It is one of the country’s largest universities with over 100,000 students. And there are nearly a dozen specialization areas to choose among, including: UMD is a member of the Association of American Universities and the Big Ten Conference. The MS in Electrical Engineering degree at TAMU Kingsville gives students advanced knowledge of research methodology and design strategy. ... It specializes in STEM, veterinary medicine, agriculture, food and plant science, and allied health education. IIT Bombay is very popular for the Power System. The University of Toledo (UT) is located in Toledo, Ohio. Generally, M.S. Ivy League Cornell University is located in Ithaca, New York. Washington State University (WSU) is a public school located in Pullman, Washington. It is a public university with around 10,000 students, dozens of research facilities, and over 100 academic programs. Approximately 45,000 students attend UW Madison. The MS curriculum in electrical engineering requires completion of 32 graduate-level credits, while satisfying a specialization requirement and a practicum requirement. Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Monthly, and Times Higher Education all include KSU in their annual rankings of the country’s best schools. Whichever route you take, this world renowned program will fully prepare you for a lucrative career in systems designs. Early Adopters of Online and Distance Education Continue to Innovate, What you need to know about FAFSA and Taxes. Electrical and Computer Engineers develop computing systems, from chip architecture to mobile applications, to communications protocols as well as the energy systems to allow these devices and all other electrical systems to function. It is directly applicable to the industry by training future electric propulsion systems, expert graduates. As our students pursue their Electrical Engineering degree, they can choose to specialize in one of the six areas. The curriculum is broad but substantive. It was first founded as an engineering college. Electrical engineers make, on average, between $96,200 and $115,000 a year. Likewise, WSU is nationally ranked by ARWU, Forbes, Washington Monthly, and more. Both cover a spectrum of topics, including electromagnetics, microwaves, optics, bioengineering, embedded systems, and communication networks. DC grids (used in batteries, hydrogen systems, or to distribute and transport electrical energy in an environmentally friendly way with cable grids), electric cars, and power electronics are the latest technologies aiming to provide a green and environmentally friendly energy supply.

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