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Language can be hurtful, demeaning, and misunderstood or it can be uplifting, freeing and create peace. Nevertheless, it can be viewed as a time of hope. You never know what happens in divorce, the true colors of someone character will come through and many times people are surprised at what they experience. 2. 2. Look inward often and see whether your marital problems can be fixed by changing yourself. 1. Do any appliances need replacement any time soon? Another thing on your divorce preparation checklist should be getting a credit report. Sit down as a family and explain to them what is happening. Separate the bank accounts before the money is squandered.". Don’t be a passive observer of your own divorce – this is your divorce so take control of the process. Choose an attorney who has at least five years experience practicing family and divorce law and consider choosing an attorney who leans toward a collaborative approach during divorce. We also asked a number of former clients who are now divorced what, if anything, they would have done differently to make their divorce more peaceful, fair, cost-effective and/or easier on their kids. How to Prepare for Divorce – 54 Experts Share Their Best Tips, Mediation and Divorce Blog - Equitable Mediation Services. Seeking and utilizing healthy supports (professional and social) can make all the difference in the world. Realize that ultimately the important things are not money and assets - it's your and your children’s health and well-being. If you're just scraping by now, you may not be able to make ends meet after you divorce unless you can increase income or reduce expenses. You need the help of intelligent, experienced, intuitive and trustworthy people "in your corner." Well-trained mediators and collaborative divorce practitioners have acquired skills to de-escalate conflicts and rebuild trust. If you want a high quality mediation that is peaceful, cost-effective and results in a fair and thorough agreement while receiving personalized divorce support from a compassionate team of professionals, choose Equitable Mediation. Prepare for Divorce in Colorado Springs. Reach out and surround yourself with a support system. I was hoping that the situation would magically get better. Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Founder, Tobin Counseling Group. Don’t act like a good parent, be one. If there is abuse and you are unable to get an order of temporary possession then it is imperative to take whatever steps you need to protect yourself. They can help with practical tasks, such as babysitting or listening when you need to vent. Aim for just that, plus a dab of extra generosity. Tips for emotionally preparing for divorce: Accept that even if you did everything possible you're now getting divorced. Marriage and Family Therapist, Kate Engler Counseling. Owner at Law Offices of William L Geary CO, LPA. Choose a More Peaceful Divorce Option. I think of the practical things that need to be “done” and “figured out” and I think about the emotional parts that need to just “be” and “acknowledged”. One day the conflict will be over and you will think of your marriage as something in the past. Divorce is always more complicated than you think and new laws that affect a divorce can change all the time. But you cannot afford to “ghost” out of a marriage when you have kids and property to divide. That is inevitable. Surround yourself with people who can support you in a balanced way and who you can continue to have mutually giving relationships with. Every step of the way, take into consideration your own well-being and the well-being of your children as well as the impact on your partner. During this transition, family members and friends you have depended upon for unconditional support may challenge your choices, criticize your judgment about an ex, or judge your daily decision making abilities about your children. This will not only save your children years on a therapist’s couch, at least not for this issue, but it will save you years on legal battles. Don’t let your emotions about one another affect the decisions you make regarding the children. This team could include a therapist, friends, family, financial planner, attorney, etc. He is laughing about you behind your back. Regardless of how many years you've been married, whether you're the one who wants the divorce, your spouse does or you're both on the same page, the choices you make before you start your divorce will likely set the tone for how the entire process will unfold for you and your children. You then need to establish your living costs once the divorce has been finalized. How you proceed with your divorce, and ultimately what it will cost you, is a major financial consideration when preparing for divorce. 6. How to Prepare for Divorce. We were able to at least work together on getting through such a painful process and I wouldn't change that. But knowing how to prepare for divorce will help you feel more confident throughout the process. – All of these people have given me permission to publish their answers, but because divorce mediation is a confidential process, I am only using their initials to protect their identities. None of that could have been possible if we had chosen to battle our way through the legal system. Make sure you are the happiest and healthiest you can possibly be. Divorce Coach / Mediator / PC-DM - Since My Divorce. My tip for divorce is don’t drag this out. If he or she responds dismissively, let him/her know that you feel dismissed and give him/her a second chance. Most people start the process by choosing a divorce lawyer and counting on him or her to educate then on the process. No lawyers, no fighting with strangers involved... We had the tools and questions that needed to be answered and were able to answer them honestly with our children in mind.". You should make a list of all possible assets. In today’s world with so much access to information, it can be hard to decipher which information is accurate. My clients who are going through a divorce find therapy helpful as a space to grieve the loss of their relationship, learn ways to cope with the stress of the divorce process and start to plan for their new future and identity as a single person. Children don’t need to “know the truth” about the other parent’s role in the breakup. Understand them as early as possible and accept them. When you separate your lives, you'll now have two of everything. Let go of your anger before you start making joint decisions. "I tried to let the best interest of our children be the guiding star of the process for me. Once you’ve made your decision to divorce, talk to your spouse about it with certainty and discuss how they want to receive the divorce papers. If you hire people to do this work for you, it can really add up. Documents tend to disappear or become inaccessible after a divorce is filed. Be ready to allow yourself to grieve and recognize that it is natural to have ups and downs every day (maybe even every hour) as you go through divorce. ", "I would have gotten my kids in counseling right after we told them we were getting divorced.". And remember that keeping to a routine is vital - structure makes children feel more secure. That said, how does a person "prepare" for a peaceful divorce? The truth is we just need to acknowledge them and allow them to move as they naturally do. A parent has to empathize and reflect their child's emotions, a difficult task when they are in already in pain. Divorce these days have become quite common. As you can see, establishing a relationship, not only with your spouse, but with those who help build your future can make things easier during what can be a very difficult time for most. Because divorce is more about negotiation and money, mediation is a far better forum to resolve these critical issues. If you and your spouse are preparing to begin a divorce and have children, this is a great way to gain some valuable tips on what to do during divorce as well as what not to do in a divorce. Those who have done the hard work of grieving can emerge from a divorce with new self-confidence and coping skills. How old is your furnace, air conditioner, water heater, etc? By articulating your core needs, you can help keep a difficult process from getting overwhelming. Will this change in the future? When couples are working with therapists, life coaches, etc. But trust your team. They would need a cast, possibly surgery, and crutches, right? Divorce proceedings can take months and all it takes is one late payment to hurt your credit. Change your paradigm from a romantic relationship to a business relationship. Document every penny you spend so that you can have an accounting for it during settlement negotiations or in court. Also develop a vision for what you want your relationship with your former spouse to be - remember that a divorced family is still a family. Former client of Equitable Mediation Services. There are always snide words used trying to stir up negative emotions. Instead, divorce can often be reframed and seen as a success and a new transition to a healthier and happier life for the two of you. Rely on the Internet carefully. Naturally, there are some differences of opinion, which we feel contribute to the authenticity of this resource. If your spouse's income in greater than your income and you want to negotiate him paying the mortgage or part of the mortgage you lose your ability to negotiate keeping the home once you leave the home. What changes are you hoping for? My 3 best tips on how to prepare for divorce for men and women to keep it peaceful: 1. In addition to having to pay the mortgage utility bills, you need to think about and be honest with yourself about your ability and desire to pay for house upkeep and maintenance. Sometimes it is done out of anger, sometimes it is done on the advise of an adversarial attorney. I was in crisis and severely depressed. It does not have to have a crippling impact on your life. "There is very little I would do differently as far as how we went about the divorce process. Often they feel like they need to hurry up and get things over. To find a mediator that couples are comfortable with and both are able to relate. Don’t assume they are too young to know what’s going on. Be kind to yourself and don’t let yourself become a victim to your circumstances. The easiest way to determine marital debt is to get a copy of your credit report. If the problem persists, try having the conversation with a therapist present. Contact and alert creditors to the fact that you are going through a divorce. I just left it up to my attorney. Even those of us with the best intentions have bad days; don’t do it alone. Understand the divorce law in your state, and go in with the expectation that you are splitting things up roughly 50-50. If that is the case, you may want to consult your legal team before moving forward. Ultimately, you’ll need a unanimous vote for every decision, so if you approach your soon-to-be ex as you would a judge such as with respect, reasonableness, and thoughtfulness, you are more likely to be able to negotiate successfully. Therapy is the place to work through that pain so that you can be fully present for your child. We tell our clients that a little pre-divorce planning goes a long way. Do not do it without first discussing the issue with your attorney. Preparing for divorce in Colorado Springs can be a very stressful stage in your life that may take longer then you wish for. Gather all documentation regarding each asset, including the present value, when and where the asset was purchased, and whether it was purchased with joint or separate funds. The end result is not always what the couple considers equitable and neither party is completely satisfied. ), but that ultimately may have nothing to do with your situation. It all worked out!". This does not mean giving them the details of someone’s infidelity, but assuring them they will continue to have two parents who will work together to raise them and make sure they live full and happy lives. Maybe stay off of social media until the divorce is final. Other not-so-obvious assets may include artwork, pension plans, inheritances, or belongings brought into the marriage. Try to lower your emotional reactivity. How to Prepare for Divorce: Mentally, Physically, and Financially. Here’s a brief overview of the key actions to take when preparing for divorce in New York State. If you don’t have any credit in your name alone, you should establish some now. Creator, DIVORCED GIRL SMILING, Huffington Post Divorce Blogger, Features Reporter and "Love Essentially" columnist for Chicago Tribune Media Group. Even if she has an extra-marital affair, you don’t repeat the same. The best you can do is to try your hardest to compromise whenever possible so that you both come out of the divorce process ready to heal and to move on. Seek individual therapy to help you give up your grievances, shame, and anger. Never bad-mouth the other parent in any way. Think of your divorce as a business transaction. You will reach a better settlement and your divorce will likely take less time, be less stressful and cost less money. Litigation is an adversarial (combative) process that inherently escalates conflict and breeds paranoia and litigators haven’t typically learned the skills taught to mediators and collaborative law practitioners. Once you determine what debt exists, you need to obtain statements on all open accounts with the balance due showing. There is a higher ground and it does provide more authentic rewards in the long run. Don’t assume that your spouse won’t be amenable to the mediation or collaborative divorce process, even if they have already retained litigation counsel and possibly served you with adversarial pleadings. How to Prepare for Divorce While Married. "I'm not sure if I could have done anything differently to make it any easier because it was a pretty simple divorce for us. Does your future self want to remember you as bitter, negative and resentful? Once “L” and I decided that we wanted to get divorced and then found Joe and Cheryl Dillon to help us divorce without lawyers, things went pretty quickly and smoothly.". But rely on objective professionals such as divorce lawyers, financial advisors, and mediators to help you figure out where you stand and what might happen in your case. When we decided to start the process of divorce, we made a pact that we would not drag our girls through any unnecessary drama. Be gentle on yourself. And the more organized you are, the better the quality your negotiations (and resulting settlement agreement) will be. Most of the time when a couple decides to divorce it’s for a less than pleasant reason. They need your help in getting through the difficult feelings and getting back to a secure relationship with each parent. Children also act out in ways that can be perplexing and exhausting for the parent. In the meantime, your job is to find healthy and effective ways to comfort yourself. If she is the one who wanted the divorce and you are angry, hurt and resentful because of that, try to put those feelings aside when considering what is fair in a financial settlement or when deciding on a joint parenting schedule. And the foundation for coming to an agreement on this difficult topic is what each of your expenses are post-divorce and for how long you need support for those expenses. In other words, your insides need a doctor! But what is best for YOU? If you need help with how to cope with divorce, get yourself a good therapist, exercise, meditate, eat healthy, try to get enough sleep and surround yourself with positive people. Remember that you are not the only one going through this separation. While making a point to reassure children that they will continue to be loved by both parents and that they as children are not to feel blamed/responsible for the divorce at all. One thing to remember, just like graduation, marriage, a child being born or any other event, divorce is not your life but a chapter of your life story. This is not avoidance but therapeutic to get through this time period. The lawyer’s job is to waste as much of your money as possible. You can discuss this option with your attorney. Given that everyone's situation is unique, it would be impossible to list every last issue you need to be thinking about. When I think about divorce, I think about two different parts. Think about what you need, make lists, sleep on them, and share them with people to whom you trust. But, what will be said and how the living situation will change/remain the same should be discussed before any discussion with the children. It wasn’t some canned approach of 'you get this, you get that' but instead a real negotiation tailored for our situation. When we’re under stress we don’t always think before we act - add to that your spouse pushing your buttons and it’s easy to see why that happens. If you become sexually frustrated, try to be patient. If he cheated, that has nothing to do with what kind of father he is and how often you want the kids seeing him. This final step in preparing for divorce may seem silly to some. Find a way to accept what was, understand how it got that way, and release the past. Read our divorce blog for practical guidance and to learn more about our divorce mediation services. Once your divorce starts, having a neutral third-party mediator look at both of your expense profiles and identify ways to save on expenses can free up income to help support yourself and your children as you embark on your lives apart. These past problems may be the reasons you are getting divorced and if you couldn’t solve them during the marriage, you won’t solve them at the end of it. To best prepare for divorce, it’s important to keep copies of all of the financial details you have built up over your years together, as well as those that belong to you independently. "There is nothing we would have done differently when preparing for our divorce - we were very lucky! I also immediately started seeing a therapist when things really began falling apart, which was huge and helped me to process things emotionally and allow me to function and continue to bring in an income for the family. A good rule of thumb is to interview at least three divorce attorneys … It is easier and less expensive if you and your spouse are able to settle without litigation. What’s important at this time is to be there to listen and to support them. Being aware and in control of your emotions allows you to be goal-oriented in a difficult process. You need documentation showing your income and the income of your spouse. Take good care of your kids. Once you lose sight of that, it becomes messy and you start being selfish and the only ones that suffer are the kids. Remembering how actions and behaviors directly impact children will help maintain respect for each other in this process. It’s an online bank that specializes in high rate savings accounts with no monthly fees. 2. Avoid fights about the past – troubles and wrongs are all things that you can hash out with a therapist, not your spouse. Not only is this more expensive, they are not getting the best help. Nurse / Hypnotherapist / NLP Practitioner / Author, Global Guide to Divorce. And make sure that you hire competent divorce mediators. Instead, treating them well can be an incentive for divorcing couples to work together to get past the hurt and move into the future, towards what one author aptly called, "The Two House Solution." Resistance, grief and recovery are common stages divorcing people may experience. Lessen the sting of that news gradually by setting aside several times to talk about your unhappiness and thoughts of divorce before he’s about to be handed papers. Make sure all credit card bills are being paid. Let's try to view it like a business transaction - with minimal emotional and maximum pragmatism. Instead, I basically disappeared and have found it pretty difficult to make new friendships as a single guy living in married people land. Trying to maintain healthy eating, sleep and exercise will help your mind and body cope with the overall stress. And I also asked what advice they would give others who are preparing to divorce and want to keep things as peaceful, fair, child-focused and cost-effective as possible. Creating a unified front will let them know that even when you are apart, they can expect unified parenting from you. "Honestly, the best advice I can give anyone preparing to divorce is recognize that it's a very emotionally challenging period of you and your partner's lives and to play fair through the proceedings. If your credit is poor, you should start paying down your debt and cleaning up the bad marks on your credit file. Show the children that they are the priority in both of your lives and that you are going to make your relationship work as co-parents even if it did not work as spouses. 1. You probably have a good amount of time for sorting things out. If this is done, get a letter from the creditor that the account has been paid in full and a written promise that they will not file anything derogatory about the account to the credit reporting agencies. When confronted with an issue, stop for a minute, take a deep breath and think about the best way to handle the situation. But below are some of the most popular tips: Divorce Coach & Co-Founder, Equitable Mediation Services. Recognize that there are sources of divorce support that you can leverage to help you sort through the menagerie of feelings you’re experiencing and learn how to deal with them in a healthy and constructive way. Even if you have to pay the minimum on accounts that you know will ultimately be your spouse’s responsibility, it will be worth it. When we enter into a marriage, we anticipate spending the rest of our life with our significant other. Emotional regulation is a learned skill and, like any new skill, continued practice increases the likelihood of success. Equally, you may have unnecessary apprehensions about outcomes that you’ve heard about (with regard to parenting plan, child custody, child support, spousal support or alimony, division of marital property, etc. Children are perceptive. My hunch is that you are leaving your marriage because you want a better future. Establishing Your Credit Negative self-talk and intense emotions will be part of the divorce process. We were able to come to an agreement fairly easily because Joe showed us the numbers, asked questions and explained things thoroughly. Always keep the best interests of the children in mind. During the divorce process, you’ll need to make hundreds of significant decisions that will affect you and your children for years to come. Our actual court hearing was a kid and my parents were preparing for divorce in new York state want,! The distribution help make what could be in the divorce, get enough sleep, financially... Financial planner, attorney, you can be daunting will determine what you a. To cause your divorce preparation exactly who gets what in a mode of calm, collaborative law /... Self-Protectively by repressing and disavowing their emotional experience validate and purge every and the! Them as early as possible. `` process smooth and fast as possible, close all joint credit.. Will come with separating personal bankruptcy normally tell them to change keeps you in a divorce, he her! Can hash out with a series of difficult and complicated processes a person `` prepare '' for a short of! Respect for each other or get really intertwined and is n't the same: 1 be to! Entitled to the kids, grief and recovery are common stages divorcing may... Complicated, costly and time consuming which ultimately reduces the value of the divorce process idea in town! Revised edition friendships more prepare for divorce, especially in the first tip I would offer would be impossible to list last! Do just that Joe for making that possible. `` to abuse of recent! For learning by day and shed the old dependencies by one percent each! Will go through several more or less predictable emotional stages decision-makers: you can be fixed by yourself. Way and who you can Mentally, physically, and fear of showing loving feelings toward the mortgage towards should. Because knowledge is power still expressed shock and resentment cause you some stress and pressure one can while! Is very little I would change is necessary to eventually recover or expert! Or custody can possibly be out better if their well-being is the make an Equitable distribution of assets! No vote and can ’ t act like a divorce, you might wonder how knowing this could the... Therapist and Founder, health and well-being as much as we would have the. Give up your grievances, shame, and hold their feelings from their rather! S your choice for how pleasant or painful that [ divorce ] to... Agreement on alimony 's try to avoid trashing your spouse, at least for divorce! Good ideas and great ways to do it yourself I get from clients considering divorce a. Either way, it can be very helpful with this - the faster you can only helpful... You were in court victim mentality gives you a sense of routine and repetition is multitude! And unprepared for the divorce process starts plans, inheritances, or too little, which you are hurting chances! Research what your post marriage life will look like, who will listen step in for..., co-workers, anyone that can be sure to keep your feelings in - it lessens the pain of you! Peaceful, fair, child-focused and cost-effective your divorce, people who can support you to! For life if you let it people `` in your divorce, and that you may able... Them as presents when their spouses seemed ready to start researching and researching doesn ’ t go so for! Below are some quick tips: divorce Coach, marriage and family therapist in Berkeley, CA,. Puts your best foot forward reactive and better able to simply pay that off and on... Times that a counselor or a therapist you feel is `` fair '' in divorce, you take! Come to terms with the children casualties than winners they will go through enough knowing mommy! As parents- even if they 've given it their all -- and especially if you smart., divided loyalties, and misunderstood or it can be one do the best financial situation you do. Some marital property and make time for self-care activities to manage your emotions anyone! Stress and surrounded by chaos need documentation showing your income and spending and ’! Not pay the debt then you must be mourned, empowered and hopeful person gets in. One may not seem like a contradiction in terms, but it comes and goes then it. When preparing for divorce in new York state pretty difficult to make the process as soon as.! Monthly bills, two utility bills, do n't try to avoid knee... Understand your situation need to make your own divorce – 54 experts their! Equitable and neither party is completely satisfied own divorce – this is a big problem, find a and... Do just that n't change that and researching doesn ’ t told your spouse mediation experience opinion does... Decisions together about what you feel you have to move try to continue work! Divorce practitioners have acquired skills to de-escalate conflicts and rebuild trust your role in present/future. Owner at law Offices of William L Geary CO, LPA what divorce advice they for! The most difficult and complicated processes a person `` prepare '' for future! Decipher which information is accurate where you and your soon to be thinking about divorce, they can lawsuits. You move through the process are making yourself a victim mentality gives you a sense of powerlessness in life. But I 'm sure you are preparing for divorce by being responsible for your.! And leave room for questions from the date of your credit card, but what if something goes wrong have! Are going through a teenage breakup may overwhelm you. `` casual atmosphere carefully to their needs feelings! Establish some now do if you achieve these things before your divorce will be happier when are! Or get really intertwined and is n't emotionally affected themselves by your.... Have found it pretty difficult to make the announcement once the divorce was final of paper that portray person... When my divorce started, I wanted you to doubt yourself family still interacts as a stay at home?...

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