how content management system can help your content strategy

Use this Use this sample CMS User Roles and Needs (MS Word, 13 KB, 1 page, December 2012) to document different types of CMS users and the common tasks each will need to perform. Evaluate what worked well, and where you ran into problems. A bottom-drawer content management system implemented with care will often be much more useful than a top-drawer system pulled straight out of the box and shoved onto your server. It allows anyone, even those without a formal technical background, to place content on a website and keep track of it with ease. Are you regularly gathering and acting on customer feedback to improve your site? Improving the federal government’s ability to deliver digital information anytime, anywhere, on any device—via open content—is a key goal of the Digital Government Strategy.A content management system (CMS) can help your agency move to an open content model, making it easier for people to find, share, use, and re-use your information.. Defining Your Content Management System Strategy. It’s all about the people. If you’re moving from static HTML to a structured content model, you may not be able to simply cut and paste all your pages from the old system to the new. The buyer persona is key when creating content. The fact of the matter is: content marketing can be a bear to handle. Contribute by answering questions, writing a component/module, testing new versions, or writing documentation. The key steps in getting ready to move to … When developing your content strategy, ask: Content strategy news and articles—news feed of the latest articles on content strategy from CMSWire. Improving the federal government’s ability to deliver digital information anytime, anywhere, on any device—via open content—is a key goal of the Digital Government Strategy. At some point, you’ll have to restrict updates for a short time while you actually move content into the new CMS. In addition to libraries designed for public use, companies often maintained their own content, such as the “morgue files” that consisted of old articles from newspapers which reporters could draw on when writing stories. Can content management systems help marketers upgrade the relevance of their content? Here are some options. For example, someone that was routinely cc’d on new content on a “nice to know” basis might not be too thrilled to find out they will be a required approver who needs to review content ASAP to avoid holding up the process. Time—even if you have the skills, do those people with the skills have the time? Open-source systems can incur potentially significant development costs to maintain over time and take full advantage of customizable features. It will help you to understand how best to measure your content to maximize its effectiveness relative to the time you commit to it. Technical resources—do you have the skills to configure the new CMS, write scripts for the migration, etc.? Good for Large sites and the enterprise: Large multinational companies and major websites have needs that an open source CMS isn’t going to fill. Send us an email »,, news/2013/10/, {{< link "news/2013/10/ Many agencies use a combination of commercial and open-source tools to meet different publishing needs. A CMS provides many advantages over static HTML content: If you post a catalog of items as structured content, the same information can be adapted to render correctly on different screen sizes and devices, so people can view the same catalog on their phone, tablet, desk top, or other device, and it will display in a format best suited to each device. A Content Management System can support your content marketing strategy by simplifying and consolidating the great volumes of content. Pitfalls to Avoid: It’s great to understand best practices and sometimes even better to discover the common mistakes people often make. Note that a content management system is different from a content management framework, although they can allow you to do many of the same things.

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