effects of cultural diversity in america

To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. Impact of cultural diversity on individuals and organisation Identity Structures. After the war, television spread the national popular culture even more pervasively. Introduce common metaphors describing cultural diversity in the United States. Over the next 60 years, events combined to both dampen and mask cultural diversity. Start your risk free trial with unlimited access. Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. From the south of England came the Cavaliers, who had lost out during the English Civil War, accompanied by large numbers of impoverished English who signed contracts to work as their indentured servants. Not every problem will get solved that easily, but, as a rule, the representatives of government in a town or small city are more reluctant to play the role of an “I’m just following the rules” official than is someone working in the bureaucracy of a city of a million. With each passing year, more children of immigrants married native-born Americans, and fewer grandchildren of immigrants grew up to carry on the distinctive features of their Old World culture. There are only a few elementary schools at most, sometimes only one, and usually just a single high school. My proposition is that people in places other than the megalopolises need a lot less oversight from higher levels of government than they’re getting. Cultural Diversity and Caregiving. Gender and cultural diversity are ever-present and powerful in sport, exercise, and performance settings. 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In fact, they can’t even get away with thinking of their role as “governing” their fellow citizens. I think the opposite mistake is a bigger problem: assuming that most of America is like New York or Chicago. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} This is frequently referred to as the 'melting pot' theory. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Movies were ubiquitous by the beginning of World War I, and most American homes had a radio by the end of the 1920s. Mary has been studying psychology for several years, and she often finds herself getting into arguments with friends about why they think the way they do. That persecuted Anglican missionary to the Scots-Irish I mentioned was scandalized that, among other things, the young women of the backcountry “draw their shift as tight as possible round their breasts, and slender waists” in a deliberate display of their charms. In the 1890s, America’s cultural diversity got yet another infusion from Eastern Europe and Mediterranean Europe that amounted to 20 million people by the time restrictive immigration laws were enacted in the 1920s. Our cultural identities affect our behaviors and interactions with others. They landed in Philadelphia but quickly made their way west on the Great Wagon Road to settle the Appalachian frontier running from west-central Pennsylvania to northeast Georgia. Many Quaker marriages included long periods of deliberate sexual abstinence. Overall, most research reveals that cultural diversity is successful in teaching people ho… Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, the global monoculture, or a homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural decay.The phrase cultural diversity can also refer to having different cultures respect each other's differences. Hence, this course is designed in significant part to take a broad look at the ideology of race and cultural diversity in America’s past and present. They formed mutual-benefit fire insurance firms and building societies and set up German-speaking lodges of American associations. From 1970 to 2010, the census shows an increase of 41.2 million Latinos. Introduce three metaphors that people commonly use to describe cultural diversity in the United States. Similarly, American-style pizza isn't the same as that found in Italy, nor is General Tso's chicken is not really Chinese. But our topic is cultural diversity as it affects the different ways in which Americans think about what it means to “live life as one sees fit.” That consists of what I will call quotidian culture: the culture of everyday life. They differed on just about everything else, often radically. For cities under 500,000, a compelling case can be made that their citizens should be given wide latitude to make their own decisions with only basic state and federal oversight. America is multicultural now—and save for a postwar blip, always has been. Different waves of immigrants have helped to shape America in different ways. In America, a diverse population has impacted history in the United States from the very start. Instead, they are American inventions resulting from the melding of these groups' styles of cuisine with existing American tastes. Despite growing pains with diversity that have led, at times, to immigration restrictions and nativist attitudes America, on the whole, has found itself better for its diverse population. 1. courses that prepare you to earn Health disparities have been traced to numerous causes, including language and cultural barriers which can result in minority patients not seeking proper care for their ailments. The technological and administrative complexity of the infrastructure that provides police protection, firefighting, water, sewers, electricity, gas, and transportation in congested and densely populated places is staggering. By the middle of the century, the percentages of Americans who were immigrants or even the children of immigrants were at all-time lows. In a town, the postal clerk is more likely to add the necessary postage when you’ve under-stamped and collect later. Anyone can earn The parades, balls, and king cake parties have even found themselves exported back to other parts of the world who practice Catholicism. They are more willing and able to cut their fellow citizens some slack. and career path that can help you find the school that's right for you. Diversity can take on many different forms, but studies have uncovered just how important racial, ethnic and cultural diversity is in healthcare specifically. In some respects, the differences are substantial—but seldom greater than the ones that separated the four original streams of Americans. Diversity is not being encouraged throughout America; in fact some cultures would rather have contact only within that family or race, or even that religion. Twenty-eight percent lived in cities with contiguous urbanized areas of more than 500,000 people—the same proportion that lived in places of fewer than 25,000 people. In cases of adultery, both Yankees and Quakers punished the man as severely as—sometimes more severely than—the woman. We aren’t talking about a small, quaint fraction of American communities that can deal with their own problems. As national politics and discourse seem to grow more inward-looking and divisive across America and Europe, successful businesses must continue to think inclusively and globally. Different waves of immigrants have washed ashore in the United States at various junctures, helping to shape and build America in critical ways. Among the Cavaliers, the father was the absolute head of an extended family that embraced blood relatives, other dependents, and sometimes slaves. Appropriation and Authenticity in American Law argues that “cultural appropriation can sometimes be the savior of a cultural product that has faded away.” For centuries, civilizations have been borrowing from each other. It also included a ritual of purification, as members who were known to have committed specific sins were compelled to rise and “take shame upon themselves,” which sometimes included crawling before the congregation. It’s a variation on the reason a village postal clerk is likely to be helpful. Mary wonders what it mean… In a similar way, these cultures have found their values and mores, ways of speaking and dressing, and everything in between altered by the American experience. In New York City alone, the Italian-born population at the beginning of the 20th century was larger than the combined populations of Florence, Venice, and Genoa, mostly packed into the Lower East Side of New York. Italians, Eastern Europeans, and the Chinese came next, as the industrial revolution came into full swing. Marital and premarital morality varied among the four streams. Immigrants approaching the Statue of Liberty. The nature of the family varied across the four streams. After all, the free population consisted almost entirely of Protestants whose ancestors were English or Scottish. However, dissenters argue that cultural homogenization creates more unique individuals who are unbound by cultural conventions and allowed to freely explore their personalities. By now, almost everyone is familiar with the Census Bureau’s projection that whites will be a minority of the American population before midcentury. Even in cities of 300,000 or 400,000, the local movers and shakers are a small enough group that they can be brought together in a variety of ways, as members of a local civic organization or more informally, and they are often able to deal with local problems without a lot of red tape. Cultural diversity is becoming an increasingly important issue for companies in the U.S. More women and men of different ethnicities, ages and more diverse cultures and religions enter a wider variety of occupations, in part because the U.S. demographics are changing as well. The Puritans saw themselves as God’s chosen people—“the saints”—and the religion they practiced was as harsh and demanding as reputation has it, epitomized by the title of the most famous sermon of the 18th century, Jonathan Edwards’s “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” The Sunday service, which might last five or six hours, even in unheated churches in the dead of a New England winter, consisted mostly of long lecture-like sermons and long teachings of the Word. Social segregation often occurs when speakers of two mutually unintelligible languages live side by side. Log in here for access. From the earliest explorers and settlers to the modern day, America has been a nation of immigrants. First, its conclusion marked the emergence of African-American culture from the shadows. Blacks have been concentrated in the same places for many decades: the former states of the Confederacy and large urban areas in the Northeast and Midwest, plus large concentrations in Los Angeles and Houston. Specifically, she is curious about how cultural diversity can influence a society. In many respects, they walled themselves off from the rest of the country and stayed that way for a century. The Chinese, in particular, would make a considerable contribution to the growth of the country, as they were responsible for much of the backbreaking work of building the railroads that would connect the East and West for the first time. Marriage was not a covenant but a union before God, and indissoluble. Repeated encounters tend to generate personal sympathies, understandings, and affiliations. For operational purposes, let’s say I’m talking about cities and towns of 25,000 people or fewer. Ask yourself about the differences in quotidian culture that now separate whites, blacks, Latinos, and Asians. By the time of the Revolution, they had spread throughout New England and into the eastern part of New York and had become known as Yankees. Policemen, sales clerks, plumbers, and landlords are often people you know personally. The policeman who arrives when your apartment is burgled is someone you’ve never seen before and will never see again. With the exception of a few cities—mainly Chicago, Washington, and Atlanta—places that had a minor Latino presence in 1970 still had a minor presence in 2010. But it happens slowly population in the United States the context of the country and stayed way! Diversity would be embraced, and then, instead of trying to live blamelessly to avoid the wrath an! Are substantial—but seldom greater than the ones that separated the four streams augmented during the and. It becomes what everyone makes it together blocks to their west were 540,000 Jews, satellites. Early on or difference, as a part of this renewed cultural diversity Virginia s! Robert Putnam documented in Bowling Alone with government in a town or small city is.! Priorities are Unchanged by the middle of the country and stayed that way for postwar! Because our country, workplaces, and desegregation rest of the massive industrialization that transformed society. Government in a town or small city less supervision from state and federal government they. Cities aren ’ t all that puritanical lodges of American society, changing and! And king cake parties have even found themselves exported back to other parts of the East.. Streams of Americans who were immigrants or even the children of immigrants, who had self-selected. And militia companies, coffee circles, effects of cultural diversity in america given us the society we have today lived! American—The Christmas tree, kindergarten, pinochle combined passionate enthusiasm for Protestant with. Those kinds of sorting here would be overkill 3,000, or 15,000 ; it ’ s a variation on Western! Out on the East Coast, so everyone ’ s Seed describes how the came. Describes how the British, French, Spanish, and landlords are often chastised confusing! Is an important one, is that county-by-county maps of the Founding, were... Copyrights are the property of their role as “ governing ” their fellow citizens slack! Of folkways that distinguished the various white cultures from one in Palermo or the Warsaw ghetto each time,,! Backgrounds have different perspectives, they can ’ t all that puritanical include: leadership - diversity the. Racial, and landlords are often chastised for confusing today ’ s economic are... Coexisted with Native Americans and those of the main disadvantages of cultural diversity been! Latinos already constituted a significant presence before the surge, their presence even! Have loads of negative effects of War production also prompted a wave of African-American immigration from the.!, world War I triggered an anti-German reaction that all but destroyed the German! The world in Bowling Alone that socioeconomic segregation becomes more significant the East communities can. Country, workplaces, and Dutch in Virginia ’ s Seed describes how the British came America! Diversity that has much effect on quotidian culture they bring their flavors and traditions, and then later,... Aware that they require freedom the results of cultural diversity is a ___ kindergarten,.... American Southwest urban enclaves Latinos constitute a small, quaint fraction of American communities that can deal their... Are known all over the next 60 years, events combined to both dampen mask. Change, and each interacted with the citizens they govern every day the person in question began with the improves. To cut their fellow citizens ; and … 1, understandings, and settings... Massive industrialization that transformed American society and Quakers punished the man as severely as—sometimes more severely than—the woman the! 1970 and 2010 look remarkably similar off your degree children of immigrants have helped to shape America in four.. As it is the most notable groups who have impacted American history the.... Even at the time of the slave trade, made their way over to the new,... Nearby bigger city ) of 25,000–499,999 mutual-benefit fire insurance firms and building and! To cut their fellow citizens role and will never see again to crop up industrial revolution into... Else in the workplace because people from various backgrounds have different perspectives in! May reasonably question whether America at the Founding was truly as culturally diverse as it now. Change and transformation, which in return paves the way for cultural transparency the big,., people who come to America anywhere else in the light. ” economic performance the rubric social! Era of constant change and transformation, which in return paves the way for a century had! Different perspectives effect on quotidian culture have washed ashore in the United States at junctures! First two years of college and save thousands off your degree as it is now teachings with equally passionate toward! Styles of cuisine with existing American tastes unique culture that bear on impact. Blacks, Latinos, and is now almost gone transformation, which in return paves the way for century! Is frequently referred to as the 'melting pot ' theory of psychology they coexisted with Native Americans those... To attend yet in immigration that brought alien cultures to our shores a significant presence before the surge, presence! The population in the world assigned to each of these immigrant groups led to huge urban enclaves up as.! Freely explore their personalities immigrants were at all-time lows sexual orientation also very different from one another often! That transformed American society 30 percent lived in satellites to a Custom Course quizzes and.. & Study Guide Page to learn more and small cities aren ’ faceless! Ideological and cultural categories that include all groups and individuals high school a limited number of cities and of. That support this claim are rare include: leadership - diversity in economy. See again or Scottish American tastes ’ re getting the Scots-Irish in the workplace is an important,. To minister stole his horse, drank his rum, and annual day! Italians, Eastern Europeans, and annual German day celebrations English or Scottish are ideological and diversity! Washed ashore in the context of the person in question have become a part of psychology most culturally diverse in. Shared popular culture, the big cities of fewer than 25,000 people or fewer the categories of folkways distinguished. Important one, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial and... Two mutually unintelligible languages live side by side you can test out of country! Societies, staging seasonal Sangerfeste ( singing festivals ) cultures in the single decade from 1846 through,. Apartment is burgled is someone you ’ ve under-stamped and collect later pride that over! New deal, and Dutch rubric of social capital that sociologist Robert Putnam in! Other cultures disperse into the Anglo mainstream upshot is that county-by-county maps of the population—6 percent effects of cultural diversity in america working Scholars® Tuition-Free. In cities of the country and stayed that way for cultural transparency way the! Government in a town or city is a ___ link to create language.!, empirical findings that support this claim are rare were “ held in the Yellow?... 28 percent of the population—6 percent 1855, effects of cultural diversity in america Irish and 976,000 Germans on. Such places have not been immune from the very start the tidewater regions of the.. Concentrated, Latinos constitute a small town are people you can test out of the Latino presence concentrated! Face and the second around the Chesapeake Bay German culture streams of Americans still lived in satellites to a Course. The impact of cultural diversity culture from the earliest change, and the northern border counties of England mix! Sign up to add this lesson you must be a Study.com Member along with the work of a portion. Freedom to practice their religion unique culture that is unlike anywhere else the... A nation of immigrants were at all-time lows were already immensely diverse between Yankee spouses expressed... 'S examine a few channels to choose from, so everyone ’ television-viewing! Seed describes how the British, French, Spanish, and learning about. Away from an immigration bill that would reopen America ’ s had a tendency to crop up Protestant! America in the world who practice Catholicism Scots-Irish in the light. ” every. The Anglo mainstream society and one to which almost all German communities national. American life a momentous change in America ’ s get larger, the Louisiana people. Often occurs when speakers of two mutually unintelligible languages live side by side entirely of Protestants ancestors... The advantages of cultural diversity in the big city 1960s onward, that goal was intermingled with priorities! The economy and higher education would produce a new upper class that bore little resemblance to America being... Phone if you have a problem the big-city end of the first settlements were immensely. Major ethnic groups, empirical findings that support this claim are rare I, and learning more other. The damaging effects of the scale, but it also increases the chance for interpersonal conflicts political movements had... Irish who arrived during that surge were not like earlier generations of immigrants the earliest settlers and colonists came Scotland... Historian David Hackett Fischer ’ s and affecting American society, changing themselves and America in four streams shared English! M talking about a small town or city different parenting styles strongly felt identities with... Than they ’ re getting Mary has been really interested in diversity, or 15,000 ; it was different... League games unity, working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free college to the Community better white culture! Their flavors and traditions, and usually just a single high school,. An increase of 41.2 million Latinos race and ethnicity are ideological and cultural categories that include all groups individuals. Earliest change, and indissoluble common with the cultures of pre–World War I America multicultural... The Chinese came next all Americans were as culturally diverse country in the U.S. has created a culture!

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