Course Description:

This is a rugged and tough 50k trail race with almost 9,000 feet of gain and loss. This course is absolutely stunning, and every climb you will be rewarded with draw dropping views of the ocean and deep valleys.

  • Miles 1 - 4.8

    This is a rugged and tough 30k trail race with almost 6,000 feet of gain and loss, and it’s a little long for a 30k. We added the extra mileage to give you a race course that has roughly 75% ocean views, and tremendous amounts of single track. This course starts out at the Ray Miller trail, and follows this for 2.8 miles to the very top where it intersects Overlook/Fireline. Go left here. Follow until at the 4.8 mile marker you will come across the hell hill aid station.

  • Miles 4.8 - 11

    Go left here onto La Jolla Valley Fireroad. Make an immediate left onto La Jolla Valley Loop Trail. Follow for one mile, and stay straight at your first intersection. Follow another mile where you will reach the intersection of the La Jolla Canyon trail. Go RIGHT here, and stay on the La Jolla Valley Loop Trail. Follow this to the Mugu Peak Loop Trail intersection staying left here. Do not take the La Jolla Valley connector trails. Follow Mugu Peak all the way around the peak. Stay left at the intersection before running down hill. When you encounter the Chumash Trail intersection stay right here and keep following Mugu Peak Trail. At mile 9 you will come across the La Jolla Valley Loop trail. Stay straight here. Do not go right. At mile 10 you will encounter the intersection of La Jolla Valley Connector Trail. Once again stay straight here, and do not go right. Follow the trail until it turns back into La Jolla Valley Fireroad. This will lead you back to the Hell Hill aid station, and you will now be at mile 11.

  • Miles 11 - 16

    When you arrive go left onto the Guadalasco Trail. Follow for a few miles staying right and both intersections you encounter. Eventually you will dump out onto Wood Canyon Fireroad. Go right here. Follow 3/4 of a mile until you reach the intersection of Hell Hill. Go right here. Follow all the way back up to the very top. You will now be at mile 16, and this will be your third time hitting Hell Hill aid station.

  • Miles 16 - 19

    At the top stay left onto Overlook/Fireline. Follow for just a 1/4 mile, and then make an immediate left onto the Backbone Trail. Follow this down and to your left, and take for 1.5 miles all the way until it dead ends at Sycamore Canyon Fireroad. Go left here, and stay on the fireroad until you reach Danielson Ranch aid station on your left. You will now be at mile 19.

  • Miles 19 - 27.6

    Go through Danielson Ranch, and follow the dirt path to the sign for Chamberlin Trail. Get onto this, and follow for 1.8 miles to the top. When you reach the intersection for Boney Mountain stay straight here. Do not go left. Follow another 1.2 miles to the very top where you will reach the intersection of Chamberlin trail. Stay straight here! You will eventually come to the junction of the Old Boney Trail. Make a left turn here, toward Serrano Canyon, There is a junction where you will head left up a hill that will eventually take you to the Serrano Valley Trail and then Serrano Canyon Trail. Go right here, and follow this through the creek all the way until you exit Serrano Canyon. You will then meet Sycamore Canyon Fireroad where you will find water at a faucet, and your last aid station. You will now be at mile 26.7.

  • Miles 26.7 - Finish

    Go left on Sycamore Canyon to Fireline trail. Take a right on Fireline Trail to the Overlook Trail, take a right on Overlook Trail the Ray Miller…. Take Ray Miller to the Finish line.


Start time:


Aid station contents: GU gels, GU chomps, GU roctane salt pills, Fluid electrolyte drink, tons of sweet and salty snacks, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, fresh cut up oranges, strawberries, watermelon, and ice if it’s warm.

Aid station mileage markers:

  • Mile 4.8 – Hell Hill full aid station
  • Mile 11 – Hell Hill full aid station
  • Mile 16 – Hell Hill full aid station – 1PM STRICT CUT OFF
  • Mile 19 – Danielson Ranch full aid station w/drop bags – 1:30PM STRICT CUT OFF
  • Mile 26.7 – Sycamore Canyon Fire Road full aid station – 6PM STRICT CUT OFF

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